Monday, May 10, 2010

15 month check-up

WOAH! We just got home from a BUSY weekend of housesitting! We also attended my cousin's graduation from ACU! Let me tell you what's not fun...riding in a car with 15 month twins for 2.5 hours, get out sit at a college graduation where they have to sit still (WHICH THEY DIDN'T) then get back in the car to ride home! There was a family behind us at the graduation with itty bitty twins that couldn't be over 2 months old...I know they were watching us and thinking...WOW, that is what we have to look forward too! Then mother's day, but I will post more about those later...Camera is dead and I just wanted to write down about our 15 month appointment before I forget!

17.15 pounds (not on charts)
28.3 inches long

17.5 pounds (who for the last 6 months or so has been heavier) (not on charts)
28.7 inches long

Kinley is having some STRONG dislike towards the doctor's office...well most people actually. That girl is my right hip...she won't go to Chris most of the time. She about lost it when they tried to measure her head...I don't mean didn't like it, like screamed like she was dying.

Because the girls are not walking yet.(kinley has taken some steps) We are having the girls looked at by ECI (early child intervention) The pedi along with me think it's not completely necessary but might help them reach this milestone.

She is glad that they are drinking out of sippy cups...they aren't drinking quite as much milk but she did say that usually happens when you switch them over.

Wishes they were gaining more weight but isn't too concern.

Since the girls have turned one, and really started watching baby Einstein, Madelyn squints some of the time. I told the pedi about this and she wants me to take her to a eye doctor. Making the appointment today.

Leaving the appointment I can't help but feel a little overwhelmed with all this information. It must have been obvious that I am just a little stressed...She asked "do you have help, like that comes over and entertains the girls?" Ha, I have been pretty bad accepting help but I guess I should just get over it.

I know there are no pictures today I really just wanted to get everything written down before I forget!


Anonymous said...

Can you believe it? 15 months already?!? Our appt is Wed. I hadn't thought about watching for my girls squinting. They won't watch TV anymore, so it might be hard for me to tell. Can't wait for a pic post ;)

Celeste Smith said...

(((hugs))) I wish I could come over and play with them and let you have a break! I cant wait to see my teeny petite Tarrants Twins this weekend! and their mommy and daddy too of course!

Kristi said...

They are doing pretty good. They are bigger than my girls were at 15months. Hang in there mommy! I was figuring back, and my extremely stressful phase with horrible fussy girls was at 15 months. My last few days have been horrible too. Twins can be tough but it is also so much fun. Wish we could come play but we will see yal in a little over a month. Can't wait!!!! Love ya.

julia said...

Praying for you and your girls. They are just precious and will hit those milestones when they are good and ready!! I know how hard it can be to not get stressed when they don't do everything when they are "supposed" to, though.

Hannah said...

I will be praying that the walking appointment goes well! Don't stress about it though :) I'm sure they will be walking in no time!