Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Weekend!

A while back Becca asked us if she could come and stay with us while she was in town for Special Olympics. YES, OF COURSE! For the last three years Becca has been apart of this event riding her bike with a sweet lady with Downs Syndrome as a unified team. It was a 15K and they both take turns setting the pace. It was SOO neat to watch! Becca just finshed the MS150 a while back they ride their bikes from Houston to Austin!

Aunt Becca with Madelyn

and Kinley...the girls weren't sure of the helmet at first.

The night before the race Becca and I got to go out to dinner with a college friend for dinner. It was so nice to catch up with Kim even though she lives about 20 mins away I have not seen her in forever! She came to watch Becca and Finally got to see the girls...sadly this was the only picture I have! Welcome to having twins there is ALWAYS someone under your feet!

So last week we got to meet the Hutton's of The Hutton House blog. After meeting them and getting to play with their little girls we knew we wanted M&K to meet Alex and Avery. The opportunity came pretty quick. They told us they were going to be in Austin because Brad was running sound for Austin Wine Festival. We decided to head south and make it happen. "Aunt" Becca was still in town and decided to go with us...It is ALWAYS nice to have an extra set of hands especially with two sets of twins, both 15 months old!

The girls together for the first time.
This picture cracks me up, it looks like Alex and Avery are thinking..."wait, there are two of them too"

They all started playing together around the wagon. It was soo cute to see them all play together. So FUN.

Kinley just couldn't stand it and started chasing A&A
(she started really walking this week, post coming)

LOVE this! Look at those good Daddies walking with their girls.. Let me tell you, they are two VERY good Daddies! You can tell how much they both love their girls.

Those Sweet Hutton Girls! I just LOVE them!
The girls used their wagon pretty much for the first time (other than around the neighborhood) They seemed to think it was fun, I think it was different from the stroller and they thought they weren't strapped in...HA! Thank you Grandma (Chris' Mom) for our wagon, they had gotten it for their birthday.

We did a little Stroller/wagon swap! I thought maybe my girls would nap in the stroller...HA, There was just too much going on.

We decided to go cool down in the RV for a while...I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the girls playing together inside. It was just fun to watch them together. After we cooled down it was back outside to listen to music!

They thought the wagon was lots of fun to play in!

All four looking at the camera! New BFF's!
We had such a good time visiting and playing. I feel like we hit it off so well and it was like we had been friends for a long time. Brad, Kristi, Alex, and Avery, Thanks for inviting us to hang out for the day. It was such fun and we ALL had a wonderful time. It was so nice to talk to people who know what it's like! We can't wait till we can all do it again...soon! We only wish you all lived closer. Oh well four hours isn't too far!

Becca, Thanks for tagging along and helping! We love you and don't know what we would do without our Aunt Becca. Can't wait till next time!!! We will come to you next!

After we said our goodbyes we headed over to see Uncle Clint and Aunt Andrea who had just got back from their honeymoon. They had a quick dinner with the girls before we left. They had not seen the girls since it was nice to catch up!

Being silly!

We had such a good weekend and can't wait for what else the summer is going to bring!


Following HIM said...

What a fabulous weekend! K&M are so precious and their little personalities amaze me!

Anonymous said...

You got some GREAT pics! We are so glad that you made the drive to come see us! We had so much fun and can't wait to get together again soon! Thanks for your help, Becca! What a sweet friend!

amy said...

SOOOOO fun!!!

The Scott's said...

oh my goodness...sounds and looks like k&m and a&a had a blast. how fun. i'm only 3 hours from austin and my aunt and uncle live there...such a fun city!

Maddie C said...

great and tiring day right but it looks like you had fun