Thursday, May 6, 2010

This is the life!

This weekend we are housesitting/kid watching for my aunt. Her kids are older so we really just there to get them to and from me it's worth it to have someone to occupy the twins. They LOVE Spencer and Logan!

Tonight we played outside in the backyard all evening! They seriously have one of the prettiest backyards I have ever been in! It was so nice we decided to grill out and have steaks. It was wonderful! After the week we have had it was so nice to relax. Kinley ran a fever for a couple days and has now broken out in a rash (viral) Madelyn has had a snotty nose and both have been in bad moods. Two nights this week Kinley woke up pretty much every thirty minutes all night long! So relaxing the evening away was just what we all needed!

Madelyn has taken to climbing on everything! She is trying to escape baby jail!
We forgot the camera, I was so disappointed so I tried to snap a few with Chris's phone.

After chasing the girls around the yard, this is how we spent the rest of the evening!


Madelyn a little upset she didn't get steak and all she got was a cookie!

After playing outside our Stinky girls needed a bath! They LOVED this big tub!
(we had the towel in there to keep them from slipping)


Celeste Smith said...

Are you telling me Chris ate a salad?
Did the world come to an end?
I love days of grilling out and sitting in the back yard!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor babies! And poor Mommy! I hope they are feeling better soon!

Now I'm craving a steak (and it's only 8:45am! LOL!) Those pics make me miss our baby jail. We tore it apart and use it to block off the steps on the deck. It's nice to have our breakfast room back though!

Kristi said...

Looks like you had a nice evening. I think you failed to tell me you were house sitting for you aunt. You just mentioned you were over there. So now you can have a relaxing evening outside again tonight.

Stephanie said...

SOunds like a great evening!!
They look so cute in their baby jail :)

julia said...

What a beautiful backyard to relax in! AND steaks! What a night!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so beautiful!!