Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Cowgirls!

After a pretty much failed bluebonnet trip (more to come) we decided to try again with the super cute outfits my aunt gave them when they were born and Mimi bought them the cute TX hats! I know they needed cowboy boots but I couldn't find any! They were cranky so there are really only two worth sharing! My girls are getting SO HARD to take pictures of lately! Any ideas for getting them to look at you??? Any help would be great!!!

They did get sick that I guess thats why they were cranky! Kinley had a fever for over two days, went to the doctor....VIRUS (of course) I don't take them in then it would be something horrible but at least we know. They did weigh her and she is up to 17 pounds! My petite little girls!


Amanda Jo said...


Your girls are just beautiful! Sorry to hear they weren't feeling well. :( Glad you got a couple of great pictures though!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your little cowgirls! They look so cute!! We need some boots, too. For future photos, try standing on your head and singing Yankee Doodle... works for me every time ;)

Hope they are feeling better!

Hannah said...

They are so cute! Let me know if you find cute boots, I want to get some for my kids too.