Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I know I am behind but I am trying to catch up...famous last words! A few Sundays ago our church had Church in the Park. We do this twice a year and it is always lots of fun. Last year Kinley was sick and only Madelyn and I got to go. It was fun to get to take both girls, but man were we tired! It's hard enough to get them to sit still during church much less when it is at a park! We only snapped a few but I thought they were cute.

Kinley, her hair is getting longer!

Madelyn was completely asleep swinging with Lauren (her cousin)
After church some friends of ours and us decided to go take bluebonnet pictures. It didn't go great but we got some ok pictures. Kinley started running a fever that night so it explained them not really wanting to sit in a field of flowers and cooperate! We didn't get any of them not crying and both looking at the camera. Hey, we do what we can!

Our family



Like I said the picture taking didn't go well and there was lots of pictures that didn't make the cut, I figured I had to include some outtakes. They really show how the girls felt about the flowers!
Kinley was quite unhappy

We are doing something different this week...Mimi and Poppy are watching the girls for a few days while we go to a wedding! Wish us ALL luck!


Kristi H said...

I LOVE the bluebonnet pictures! Did you glue them to the basket or what? LOL! Precious! Can't wait to see y'all Sunday! Yay!!

Celeste Smith said...

OOOH! I forgot this was the weekend of the wedding. I hope they handle the separation from Mommy well and all stay healthy and you both have fun!!! Wish they could come hear and play with there Aunt Celeste!!!

Hannah said...

Cute bluebonnet pics :)

Stephanie said...

We never got around to taking bluebonnet pics this year :(
The girls still look adorable even if they werent too happy! lol
Good luck this weekend..I think it will be good for all of you!!
Try and not worry and have lots of fun!!!

The Scott's said...

I LOVE the bluebonnet pictures! They are so precious and are getting so big! We are going to a wedding to this weekend and B&B are staying at my brother in law and sister in laws house for the first time...they are super excited (ha..will see how long that lasts)!

Silicone Alley said...

Where is this field located?