Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The girls have had a interesting last week and a half! It all started last week, Madelyn started having YUCKY diapers. A TON of them…I started doing the BRAT diet (Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast diet) and pedialyte. It finally got better. Kinley had a few bad diapers but never got as bad as Maddie. Fast forward a few days…The girls and I were headed for to play with the Steece quads, and Kinley started complaining her teeth hurt. Totally confused by this, I turned around in the car and she was GREEN. She started throwing up everywhere! I cleaned her up and headed home. She was clingy all day and got sick a few more times but seem better by the next day. Fast forwarded three days….Sunday morning, I go to pick the girls up from the nursery at church and Madelyn isn’t wearing the leggings I had her in when I dropped her off. I knew it as soon as I saw that…Here we go again!!! I was right, Madelyn was having diarrhea again. So for the past two days we have had a LOT of clothes changes, popsicles, baths, and gone through a ton of diapers and wipes.

After church…


Kinley ended up getting it too…I think we are finally on the up hill. I sure hope so, because I have no idea how much more we can take.

Poor Madelyn!


Kinley, watching cartoons! (we have watched a ton of movies)


I am hoping they will be better soon! I thought about potty training the girls this week…ha! Glad I didn’t now!

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Hayley said...

Sounds like it's been fun at you house too. Don't you just hate it when they are sick?!?!? Hope everyone is back to normal soon!