Thursday, March 24, 2011

No good very bad…Month.

That is right, the girls have been sick for almost a month! Poor Madelyn is getting the brunt of this…It is just so sad. They will have a few days of being better than we are back to being sick again. This week Monday night, Tuesday and Wednesday the girls were acting great. Then this morning we were getting ready for the day and WHAM poor Madelyn gets sick. again Poor little girl’s bottom just now was getting better. We have been doing everything you can do for a toddler with diarrhea, which isn’t much. We are starting a natural supplement today that is supposed to help (thanks Amber) I sure hope it does because I don’t know how much more we can take.

During the last couple of weeks, when the girls are feeling better we try to do a few things that are fun…

Aunt Bucket (that is what the girls call her) came to visit!

IMG_9777 During spring break we were supposed to go visit Becca (my college roommate) along with visiting our good friends The Huttons but had to change plans when this mama didn’t want to travel with two babies that kept leaking out of their diapers…So Becca decided she was going to come here. I think the best part was having a extra pair of hands for a couple days.

We also had dinner with the Steece’s! We had such a good time visiting. The girls are in love with the quads and follow them around and do whatever they do. Kinley and Madelyn talk about Sabi, E-bud, Ben, Drew, Auntie Suz and Uncle Joe ALL the time!! They ADORE Savi, Kinley has named all of her babies and stuffed animals Sabi.

Chris snapped this picture with his phone


I love that our kids get to play together. It is so much fun watching them run around. I hope they will be friends for a long time…maybe even little boyfriends ;)

I wanted to add this picture for everyone that gives me a hard time about dressing the twins alike all the time…officially I think dressing them alike it tons easier.

Amy this is for you!!!

IMG_9822The girls were so hyper from getting to go to church this day that Mimi had to sit with them so they would stop long enough for a picture.

We have tried about a thousand things to keep the girls entertained at home since we haven’t been able to leave much in the last month. They have started loving to color. I mean for long periods of time they will sit and color. It is great, most of the time. Kinley decided that our dining room table needed some color…

photo(17) I would like to add that this was on their Daddy’s watch while mommy was on a MUCH needed girls night!

We are hoping the new vitamins work and we can get out and enjoy some of this beautiful weather before it gets too hot!


Janet said...

Sorry to laugh but the crayons on the table brought a smile to my face. Love the girl's shirt in the top picture. They always are wearing the most adorable clothes! Hope you all get better FAST!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor babies!! We're still praying for y'all! And thanks for the pics!! * You should see how colorful the RV has become (thanks to Crayola) after 9 days in it!