Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We aren't done yet!

The last two weeks at our house has consisted of a lot of laundry!!! I mean a ton, the girls have made sure if it is fabric it has been washed…a few things even just got thrown out. Sheets, oneies, towels, sheets, bumper pads, bears, baby dolls, dora dolls, boppy pillows have all had a turn in the washer.

IMG_9721 The girls are still sick!! Sunday made it two weeks, that they have had diarrhea and the occasionally bouts of throwing up. At least every other morning Chris and I (or just me, depending if he has left for work) are met with at LEAST one extreme blow out and one throw up. One early morning (5 am) I walk by the girls room only to hear a bubbly/water sound (not good either way) and I go in. Madelyn was covered in diarrhea from her neck to her toes. Not kidding it was gross, as I was trying to decide how to tackle this and possibly leave Kinley to sleep. Kinley stands up and starts talking about soup…She had thrown up everything that she had eaten the night before. We decided to just put them in the tub, because honestly don’t know how else to clean up all this mess. They looked every confused to be in the bath in the morning. Everything is getting cleaned up and then Madelyn starts vomiting, then Kinley! It was crazy here! Oh also I came down with a HORRIBLE sinus infection in the middle of all this and didn’t have a voice. We are truly a mess in the Tarrant household.

In the midst of all this we had a 2 year old check up (stats later) and the pedi decided that we needed to do a stool sample…OMG! Hardest thing, hands down I have done as a mom thus far. I won’t go into anymore details because oh my DISGUSTING!!! She said if we got worse to take Madelyn (she was the worst) into the Children’s ER during the weekend. Well it did get worse, much worse. Poor little girl was so sad! She just was laying around lethargic and limp Saturday morning. My mom came over and we decided she needed to go in. Chris was at work. After calling Sandi (family friend, and our preacher’s wife) we found a place less than a mile away to take Kinley. Thank you!

Poor little Miss didn’t feel well at all.


After we got checked in and in a room…They wanted us to get more samples…it was a nightmare. I am pretty sure Madelyn screamed the entire time. She was in pain, not feeling well and needed a nap! She just wanted us to leave her alone!

IMG_9705 They gave her some anti-nausea medicine for the throwing up and made her drink while we were there. She tried so hard to fall asleep but everyone kept bothering her.


She got so mad at the gown (it was way to big) and we finally just took it off.


they finally let us get her dressed and were basically waiting to see if she threw up anymore. She didn’t but she crashed waiting to go home.


My sweet sickie! IMG_9710

Sunday actually got worse and we almost took her back to the ER. She was not eating or drinking and just wanted to sleep. I finally got her to drink a tiny amount. Kinley threw up a few more times also, so we were back at both of them being sick!


IMG_9711 Madelyn wanted to get outside so bad she insisted on swinging and fell asleep in about 5 mins!


This has been the scene at our house for about two weeks now.IMG_9716 We have had a horrible last couple of weeks. Thank you to EVERYONE for sweet emails, texts and phone calls. Thank you to my parents for all their help with the girls. Thank you to the Woodrows for watching Kinley on such short notice when we headed to the ER. Thanks to Belinda (Grandma) for bringing much needed Diapers, wipes and diaper cream! I was sick and if Chris was home it was nice him there so it was a LIFESAVER when other people would go get us things!


Kristi H said...

:( Those pics are so sad :(

I hope things are looking up finally! We've been praying for the Tarrants! Hope to see y'all soon!!

Janet said...

I hope you guys all get better SOON! How is possible that your kiddos look so pathetic and still so adorable at the same time??