Monday, March 7, 2011

Trip to the zoo.

We have been having such great weather so Ashley and I decided to pack up the kids and head to the zoo! Last time we went it was so crowded and we wanted to go on a less crowded day…It was a great day to go!

We got to stand and watch the monkeys for quite a while. As you can see there is a little girl holding TIGHTLY on to Ashley…that would be Kinley. She is afraid of everything. She is still talking about the monkeys though. Carter and Madelyn loved it!


More Monkey watching!


Still not quite sure about the Monkeys!

IMG_9617 We Saw tons of Animals! They all three seemed to really enjoy it this time! Kinley even warmed up a little!

Carter and Ashley!


Madelyn and Kinley (not sure why Madelyn had her blanket around her like that…she is becoming attached to blankets again) IMG_9629

Don’t know if you can really tell but there are giraffes in the background but the kids were WAY more excited about the ducks…of course!


We had a wonderful time at the zoo and I know we will go back soon!!! The girls are free till 3!

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