Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Sunday, made a month since Madelyn had been having bouts with diarrhea. Like you all know we had been to the pedi and ER with a bunch of phone call to them in between. They offered not much help except wait it out...Yikes. It was getting rough! I will still probably end up taking her to a GI doc to see if we can help her. However until then, I have a friend from our story time who has twin girls offered some advice...We took it. It seems to be helping...She hasn't had a episode since Saturday.

Primal Defense For Kids

It is a probiotic and prebiotic. She gets a little bit in her pedialyte. Poor girl has not been allowed any milk for the month and she likes milk. I am truly hoping this helps and she continues to stay well. I am ready for things to get back to normal!


Holly said...

I hope the diarrhea stays away... for baby and mama's sake. Keep smilin! :)

hannah said...

So glad you found something that is working!! I take a probiotic everyday :)