Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun with the Steece bunch!

A couple of weekends ago we took the Steece kiddies to breakfast!! Funny thing when you take 6 kids (all still in car seats) it takes a suburban and a mini van.

We had a blast…I have to brag on Chris and I…we had it totally under control. I thought it would be complete chaos.I am not going to say we didn’t get a few stares and you got your hands full comments but It went GREAT! My girls absolutely LOVE the quads. They talk about them ALL the time!

Our Fearsome bunch!

IMG_9877 Sweet little Benny!

IMG_9871 E-Bud!

IMG_9874I think all the kids had fun playing. They got along great! IMG_9875Ok, so I know Madelyn is a little OCD but this was OUT OF CONTROL. As soon as she saw the quads dump their flip flops she went right back and had to organize them…no kidding! Yes she realized the red pair was missing and had to find it promptly after this picture was taken.


The quads went back to their house to help paint while we went and played at the park. Once we got the quads again we went and played at Collin and Ashley’s house (sorry no pictures)

Chris had decided to go help Joe and Suz paint. Chris shares Madelyn’s OCD trait which makes him a wonderful small detail painter. A little annoying if you are in a hurry but wonderful if you want precise painting.

04 april 2011 033[4] After bringing the quads home, we decided to have a slumber party with the Steece’s! Madelyn and Kinley were so worn out from hanging out with the big kids that they had already gone to bed. My mom decided that she would just stay with the girls so we could stay and help paint. Thanks Mom!

Aren’t they cute?!?04 april 2011 039[4]

The girls…It was late and we were all tired!04 april 2011 040[4] We had fun hanging out with our good friends all weekend and can’t wait to hang out again! Love you guys!!!


Suzanne said...

awwwww! we love you guys too! what a freaking crazy day/weekend, right?!!! couldn't have done it without you guys...literally.

once these kids get better, i'm going to kidnap those girls for a slumber party!!!

love you

Anonymous said...

Six kids and you still managed to take photos?! Amazing!

Jess said...
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Stephanie said...

What a fun (and exhausting) day!!
You guys are such great friends!!

Janet said...

Cute pics! Yes, I'm also amazed that with 6 kiddos you managed to get pics! Madelyn is adorable with he shoe organization. Someday you will be able to work that to your advantage!