Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Dolls!

I am behind on a few blogs because of all this sickness! I was just going to skip a few things but decided I didn’t want to! BTW, the girls are feeling better! It has been wonderful…I hope it continues.

For the girls birthday, Kinley and Madelyn got a few presents in the mail and they LOVED opening them all. I could do a whole post about just that actually. Adde and Clare sent the girls some SWEET new baby dolls!

The girls were VERY excited about them! (Madelyn)

IMG_9197 The girls are pretty fond of baby dolls right now and these are no exception!


I love Kinley’s face in this picture! IMG_9199

The girls some how have decided that these dolls look like Dora. It took me like 10 minutes the other night to figure out what they were talking about. They were literally screaming “dorda” doll “dorda” doll, I brought every Dora thing in our house and nothing was making them happy. I finally figured out they were talking about those dolls. They have now become a staple in the girls crib. They are starting to have quite a collection of “babies” in their cribs.

Got to love the Mav’s Socks Madelyn is rocking! Those are from her Daddy.


We LOVE the dolls! Thank you Adde and Clare!


Janet said...

Cute! I'm so glad to hear that the girls are feeling better. Mine also are super big into dolls right now. They got American Girl bitty babies for Christmas. I've given them their preemie clothes to put on their dolls. Hard to believe that they were ever that small! Again, glad everyone is better! Hope those germs stay away!

hannah said...

Those dolls are SO cute! What a fun gift!!

Britni Key said...

Wow, those dolls are much bigger than I expected! I bought online and just had them shipped. You are very welcome and I hope they helped them snuggle when they weren't feeling well!

Megan said...

So cute! My 1 year old loves baby dolls! Do you know where she ordered the dolls from?

Megan said...

I forgot to say I am so glad they are feeling better!

Elizabeth said...

Megan, I will find out for you! My email address is eaw00a@acu.edu. If you send me a email I will make sure I let you know!

Leah said...

OMGoodness!!! Those are the CUTEST DOLLS! Where did she find those??!!!!