Friday, April 29, 2011

New Camera and REAL life!

Chris just got a new camera…which means I got his old one! I don’t have a lot of idea how to work a DSLR but working on it. I did take two years of photography in high school…it’s just trying to remember it all. Plus it wasn’t much digital back then!

Chris couldn’t wait to try his out. So here is real life at the Tarrant house around dinner time.

Their hair is a mess!

IMG_9995 and tongues out!


It can get crazy around here with two, 2 year olds! In fact so crazy that sometimes they get hurt….Madelyn took a spill the next day and she busted her lip. It got pretty huge, she kept rubbing it thinking she could get it to come off. Kinley fell the day after and busted her lip too. NEVER a dull moment.

My sweet poor baby!

IMG_9991 Even though there are ALOT of yucky moments with being 2. We sure have a lot of fun too!

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Holly said...

So cute! Isn't it funny the mischief & bumps two such tiny precious lil ones can do. Excited to see more pics w/ your new camera!