Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy 100th Birthday!

While I was growing up I had the pleasure of having a second family. I was very good friends with Steven and Danelle (sister and brother) and became very close to them and their family and consider them my own. And I know they consider Chris, me and the girls as family as well! Granny Bos is their grandmother and she turned 100 and we of course were there to help celebrate such a wonderful life! (our camera died at the party so we hardly got any pictures :(

Madelyn Giving Granny hugs. photo

Granny was the first person to give us a present after we found out we were having twins. Two blankets that she made,they are very special to me and will treasure them forever!

There was a ton of people there to wish her a happy birthday!


Madelyn with Poppy!


I swear Kinley was at the party too but I think she was too busy eating cupcakes!

Thank you Smith family for allowing us to borrow your granny! We love our Granny Bos!