Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Good times, Good friends!

The Huttons and the Tarrants meet again! This time in good ‘ole COWTOWN! They came down to watch Kristi’s Dad, grandfather and great grandfather be inducted into the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. How cool is that, what a COOL honor…We couldn’t let them come into our turf without seeing us at least once or twice. We met up with them at a park and had a wonderful dinner at Joe T’s!

Kinley and Madelyn are wearing clothes that the Hutton’s passed down to us…Seriously most of their summer wardrobe is from A and A…THANK YOU!


Ok, Kristi. I completely apologize in advance if I mix the girls up. I can tell them apart in real life but some of the pictures are hard!

Alex and Kinley sliding.







We had a good time playing at the park…the Daddies chased and the Mom’s got to chat ;) We decided to take the Huttons to the famous Ft. Worth restaurant Joe T’s. It is great for 4, 2 year olds…all outside!

Takes a lot of high chairs and a big table for our two families!


The girls soon discovered the many fountains around the restaurant after we were done eating. They enjoyed playing dumping water on themselves. They got a TON of attention from most of the crowd.


IMG_9922 IMG_9924

We ended the night by carrying four very wet girls out of the restaurant!!!

The next day we met Kristi and the girls at Central Market for playing and lunch! The girls quickly found the stage and decided that was the place to play. The Daddies weren’t there so we didn’t get many pictures, we were too busy chasing!

Who knows what they were doing, but they were having fun!

5[3] It was all fun and games until Kinley decided to step off the stage and busted her cheek. Poor baby! That was the beginning of the end of our Central Market trip!

The picture is from my phone so it’s horrible but that is what K looked like!


We had such a wonderful time getting to see the Huttons. We are so excited that they are up here working one of the horrible storms we had and hope to get to see them a lot during the next coming weeks!


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GREAT pics!! And you got them all right ;) I'm SO glad we're working in your hometown! Had a blast with y'all today and can't wait to do it again tomorrow! Makes our job so much more fun to have friends to enjoy at the same time!