Tuesday, June 7, 2011

28 months!

These are their official 2 year old pictures that we took last month!


-Both girls wear 12 and 18 month dresses and shirts. They wear 6-9 month shorts. Even have one or two 3-6 month shorts.

-as of last week wore Pamper Swaddlers size 3 but as of last Tuesday started wearing 2t underwear (smallest I could find)


-Starting playing together this month…also fighting more

-Love playing outside, swinging, and playing with their kitchen.


-Both know their names and know they are two.

-Love Dora, Gabba, and Minnie Mouse.

-We get asked all the time still if the girls are identical twins. At least once almost ever time we go out. They aren't and don't look the same to me at all.

-I get told how much they look like me from people we know and don't know all the time.


-started watching real movies…Ultimate fav-Toy Story! Hands down…they LOVE woody and buzzy (kinley calls buzz that)

-have found a new love for swimming and usually ask everyday if they can go swimming.


-BIG BIG on “do it myself” both say it at least 100 times a day.Kills this mama sometimes!

-they sleep 1.5 to 2.5 hours for nap


-12 to 13 hours at night.

-Up until this week or so they have always had certain beds they slept in. All of the sudden they want to sleep in Sissy’s bed.


-BIG on taking turns…they will always say “sissy turn”

-both ask for about 100 things before bed.


-know lots of colors

-all the animal sounds

-love playing ring around the rosy.



IMG_1212 IMG_1217

-weighed 20 pounds last time we weighed her not long ago

-wears size 5 shoes some 4.5

- 2.5 itches or so taller than MaddieIMG_1218

-calls herself Kinny

-talks all the time and it’s so funny just to listen to her. “Uppy please Mama” “I do it myself” “l love me” “watch itty bisty mama” tons more.


-One of my favorite things she says right now is that she calls humpty dumpty…hunkie duckie

-counts to ten at least


-loves to sing and will ask to sing all the time.

-asks if we can go home…when we are at home, means she wants to leave.


-has not had a pee pee accident other then naptime (which was HORRFIC) in two days.

-can be clumsy


- wants to carry a towel around.

-if looks could kill, we would all be in trouble


-will say I want to dance Mama! and she will. but only if you say go Kinley, go Kinley go. so strange.


Is a strong willed little girl that always keeps us on our toes. She can be the life of the party and show off but also can be shy. She is a vocal thing and tries to talk for Maddie more and more. She is a good sleeper and sleeps like her Daddy. Always the last to wake up…and if you wake her up. WATCH out! She can whine with the best of them and tries to get her way often. All that said she is cuddly and my sweet Kk!




-weighed 21 pounds last time we weighed her not that long ago

-shorter than kinley


-wears 4 shoes and a few times worn size 5

-doesn’t really call herself anything on a normal basis but always calls Kinley Sissy.

-is getting so much better at talking. She is saying sentences and become much more vocal. Her speech therapist was impressed how well she did this last visit. IMG_1253

-counts but doesn’t seem to care about counting as much as K does.

-LOVES to build with anything

-sorts toys, lines them up. cleans up after herself and others.


-makes sure all doors are closed (OCD much?!?!?)

-will sing right along with her sister.

-scared of loud trucks…we can thank Kinley for that. IMG_1271

-quite the daredevil

-loves to take care of her dolls and any one else

-ALWAYS tries to share her snack.

-She wants to do everything herself all the sudden

-Kinley used to push her around and she fights back now. But she is quick to hug and kiss Kinley, especially when I see her hit or push her sister.

-LOVES shoes!IMG_1313

-Her new best friend is my cousin Elayna…totally in love with her! Both girls love her but Madelyn is quite taken with her.If Elayna is over Madelyn is usually in her lap.

Madelyn has such a tender heart. She loves animals and loves her sissy. She always talks about Kinley if Kinley isn’t in the same room. She is quite a Mama’s girl. She always ask for me to hold her and always pats you on the back while giving hugs. She is quieter than Kinley, yes but gets her point across just fine. She is just happy to let everyone else talk. She loves to point things out, like dogs, cats, cars and airplanes. She is always trying to take care of everyone and brings you anything that is yours to you. ex.purses, phones. She is my sweet Maddie Moo!


It’s so fun to have twins especially during this stage in the girls lives…ok, minus the potty training! I love that they have each other…I love seeing them become best friends all the while being completely different too.



Celeste Smith said...

So adorable! They are such sweet little girls. I am so glad they have each other. My sister and I would not have made it through life without one another...there is something very special about sisters!

Anonymous said...

These are SO great! They looked so darn cute! Everytime I see these pics, I'll think of our dinner afterwards and the girls playing in the lake that night! FUN TIMES with the Tarrants! Miss ya'll... so glad we get to hang out in TWO DAYS!