Monday, June 20, 2011

while mama is away…

While I was away on my twin mama trip, Chris completely took over. No one else watched the girls at all..usually when I go out of town we coordinate sitters, for during the week. Everything fell through so Chris took off and watched the girls. Thanks babe, you are the best! Oh and the girls had only been doing the potty thing for a week (more on that soon)

He even took the girls to the library to see Mimi. He did great all week, minus their hair. Which you will see in the pictures.

I think this may be my fav new picture of Maddie

244172_643259665857_54601535_34367152_3598014_o Kinley!



The Mavs were in the playoffs (in case you didn’t know) while I was out of town. Instead of missing it he showed the girls how to watch basketball…He said they sat through the whole thing.

IMG_2159So proud of our boys becoming National Champs! GO MAVS! The girls will say go Mavs and Dirk!


Some of the girls friends had a party while I was gone. Chris was nervous but went ahead and braved a party by himself. Amy’s (one of the moms on our trip) husband Richie was there too so that helped him brave it! I think he did pretty good, Except he forgot sunscreen and towels…OOPS! Thanks to Melissa for bailing him out. HA!


Ha, Kinley!IMG_2180

This is what the girls look like in the bathtub


They had a ton of fun playing in the sprinklers and pools.


IMG_2198 Lizzie and Gracie, the birthday girls!!!!!!



Reese and Riley!




Chris, Thanks for being such a good Daddy to the girls this weekend and everyday of our lives. I had a blast on my Twin mom trip but was glad to see my girls when I got home. They were ready for a new hair style too…lol!

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Melissa Potter said...

So glad they came! It was no problem to help with towels and sunscreen!