Sunday, June 5, 2011

What’s 4 more!?!

A few months ago I was talking to Suz and she was telling me they were getting to go see their Bff’s in Cali. I volunteered to watch the quads while they were gone. However, It took some convincing, she had this crazy idea that it might be hard to have 6 kids under one roof…ha!

We always have a great time over at the Steece household and this was was no different! Madelyn and Kinley LOVE the quads and totally look up to them, the girls were great the entire weekend.M and K have been having some issues with being 2 lately and it was so nice for them to just play!

Little Benny! love this boy!

IMG_1482Sav and Kinley: peas in a pod!!!! We joke that Kinley is a little Sav. The girls are a lot alike and are two strong willed little girls but I LOVE watching their little relationship unfold. MAJOR DIVAS!!!!! I have an idea they will be the best of friends but fight the good fight every once in a while!


Best we could get with all six playing! We played outside a lot this weekend.


Shi Dog…

as soon as we got home I missed having her following the girls around cleaning up their dropped food!




Drew…Could these boys be any cuter?!? All three melt my heart!

IMG_1494 For someone that is completely happy having two girls and wanted girls from the beginning. It sure was nice having boys around to play with. They can be so cuddly and are somewhat more drama free, most of the the time!

But for now the Steece boys and Carter will work for my boy fix!


Madelyn curled up and tired after playing hard all day!


We went through a lot of food over there! (also wanted to show Suz they ate fruits and veggies! ;)


We went to the pool one day but the water was pretty cold so we spent more time eating our lunch poolside!


IMG_1544 Quaddies!


Kinley, eating a PB and J!


Drew and Ben!


Little Miss Savi!


We let the girls have a slumber party with Sav.

The three of them did AMAZING! (the girls are in the peapods)

IMG_1580We were brave and took them all to church! We were actually early…took a mini van and a Tahoe but we got there.

This picture CRACKS me up…you can see all their little personalities


More playing outside!



Car Car (Carter) and his parents came to play!



The next morning eating a snack!


The last day we were there a pretty big storm came…I thought for a while we were going to have to pile all 6 kids in a closet…Wow, wouldn’t that have been fun?!? While we were waiting to see if we were going to get in the closet I got them all to come downstairs to watch a movie. IMG_1676 We had a WONDERFUL time…was it a lot of kids…yes but honestly we had a wonderful time. We would totally do it again. My girls have a BLAST playing with all four of them, and having slumber parties with Sav. In Fact Suz kept our girls right before this weekend and let all the girls sleep in the same room too, although I think they stayed up a little later playing and chatting! I love getting to see them all play together.


Kristi H said...

You're my hero! LOL! You might as well have kept my two that weekend, too! I gasped when I saw the plates lined up! YIKES! Way to go, Liz and Chris! Miss ya'll!!

Janet said...

You seriously are super Momma! Any idea where to get one of those water hoses? My girls are afraid of the sprinkler but love to play in the hose. I think they might love it. But I don't know what it's called and have never seen one in the stores around here! Thanks!

Suzanne said...

awwwwwwwwwww!!!! lizzie i loooove you!!!! these pics were darling. i especially loved the one of shiloh. sweet, poor dog. lol. it warms my heart to see our broods playing and happy together! (even if sav and k are going to duke it out some days~ its good for them to get a little of their own therapy) ha.

love you so much. thank you guys for helping us out. you are truly best friends!

Suzanne said...

janet- the hose was from target! in the pool section. its great.

Holly said...

You are so brave! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I should've just fed ex'd mine over! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love loved this one!


Stephanie said...

You are a rockstar!! Cant believe you had six kids and still managed to take pics! lol
You are both very lucky to have eachother as friends!!