Thursday, June 2, 2011

Come back Huttons part 2

Our fun with Huttons continued…like I said we tried to fit in as much fun as we could while they were here. We didn’t always take pictures but we sure did of the highlights!

We decided to take the girls to their first movie…Our Studio Movie Grill has a movie every Saturday for kids that is an hour long. This time it was Olivia, my girls have never really watched it at home but we thought we would give it a try. We weren’t completely sure how it would turn out!

Kinley getting ready for it to start!


Now while we were waiting for the movie to start, I noticed Madelyn had a dirty diaper. I grabbed the bag and went to change her. We walked into the bathroom and she gagged,I jumped into a stall (not really knowing what to do) and Madelyn threw up, actually into the toilet. She started acting a little better so we went ahead and stayed for the movie.

Madelyn watching the movie


Kinley was TOTALLY into the movie the whole time…I mean she loved it!IMG_1475

Alex enjoying the popcorn and the movie!IMG_1476Avery!


Madelyn started feeling worse again and ended up back in the bathroom. Chris went ahead and took her out. They sat outside and she fell asleep…poor girl!IMG_1478

Also while they were here we went to the zoo.

Here are the girls waiting to head into the zoo!


The Ft. Worth zoo is having a dinosaur event right now so there are life sized dinosaurs all around. At first the girls seemed to enjoy them. IMG_1486

Until we got too close…Love Maddie’s face in this one.


The girls did such a great job at the zoo that we even got them out of the stroller some to look at the animals.


We had a great time until we left…Kinley had a poopy diaper (realizing both of these stories involve a poopy diaper starting off a disaster) Anyways, I decided that the car was too hot so I thought I would change her in the stroller. I stuck the key in to start the car and I guess I pushed the lock button while I was doing that without knowing. I didn’t realize it until I changed the diaper. And after Kristi had left, luckily I had my phone and tried Chris and then my mom…Luckily my mom answered and headed to my house and then to the zoo.

We were so glad she was coming but had time to kill till she got there so we found a shady spot to wait and where I could watch the van.

I pulled out all the stops but it was nap time and the girls were DONE!!!



We were so glad to see my mom pull into the parking lot with the spare key!

Huttons, We were truly blessed to have you up here for a couple weeks. We got to know each other so well and made some new best friends. Madelyn and Kinley still talk about Alex and Avery everyday. They ask several times a day if they can see A and A and get upset everytime I say we can’t. If only they knew how to text like Kristi and I do…We love you all and can’t wait to play again!


ANNA B. said...

Hi there! Frequent blog reader, infrequent commenter! :) Your girls are precious! I found your blog through Suz (who is a friend of a friend!). Anyway, just had a random question - what kind of sippy cups are your girls using? I need to get some new ones for my little guy and I really like those. Can you tell me where you got them, or what they are called? You can email me at or comment back here. Thanks!

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The Branches said...

Your girls are just precious! I've enjoyed watching them grow :) I have a twin sister and we both just turned 3-0! I've been wanting to go to the zoon and take my son...we'll probably go soon we like to ride the choo choo train by the zoo. It's just so darn hot here!