Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twin Mamas Off Duty 2011

We were so excited that we all got to get together this year after our first great trip! We even added two new mamas this year that couldn’t make it last year. It so great to have a group of women who know what you go through having twins…it’s amazing how all of us who met through our blogs and would not have known each other if it wasn’t for our children can get along so well!!! I didn’t realize how much I had missed these ladies until we were all together again…once a year seems too long.

I’m lucky enough to get to live close enough to Shelley and Amy and we can travel together!


It’s wonderful to realize that you have the weekend to relax with no kids and look out at this!

IMG_8407 Where we stayed on our getaway!

IMG_8414 Britni decided to add to her family this year, so Amy and I planned a shower! We choose Cookies and Milk theme…which turns out to be Britni’s favorite snack! I thought it was cute for a shower on the road!



Leah’s AMAZING thumbprints….Melt in your mouth good!



Britni! Can I just say looks AMAZING carrying that baby boy! Yes, just one this time!


Our entertainment for the weekend! HUGE thanks to Brad Hutton for dealing with getting it to us!!! You are the best!



The preggo was our captain. This girl is good at everything! We might have sunk that boat if it wasn’t for her! Britni, you amaze me every time I am around you…which is not near enough! She is truly a SUPER MOM! Mrs. Multi-tasker!


My sweet Amy! We call ourselves soul sisters and it couldn’t be more true. We have a ton of the same interests. Amy, you know how I feel about ya! I just wish we would have known each other in college. (we went to the same college at the same time and didn’t know it)

IMG_0609 Hannah, our resident photog! I love having her taking pictures. It’s like having Chris on the trip and she deals with me making her take tons of pictures. Hannah and I knew each other in college and I LOVE that I know her better now! LOVE her!


Hannah and Leah. Leah was a new addition to our group this year. Girl, I am sooo glad you came. I had a blast getting to know you better and CAN’T wait to spend more time with you. Plus I want to meet your boys…She is the only one in our group with boy/boy twins! Leah you are rocking the skinny arm ;)


My sweet Shelley…words can’t describe how much I love you…She has the oldest set of twins (3.5) and is always ahead of us so she is always there to help us out! Such a sweet heart!


Kristi, also known as Alex and Avery’s mama! That is what Kinley and Maddie are screaming as I type this. Everytime we see each other we find out something else we have in common. Even our husbands have things in common. For example our pregnancies were pretty much the same. We had to deliver for the same reason. We were like the exact same time along and had our girls 5 days apart. I just wish we knew each other while we were preggo! (yes, I am sunburned)


Us at lunch on Lake Travis!



Our group before going out!

IMG_0625 copy


We even karaoke! yikes!

alt We spent the next day laying by the pool then back on the boat! Not enough pictures but we had a great time.

alt alt

Us all together for our last night together.


Our annual trip T-shirt pic!alt

alt To my twin Mama BFF’s-I love you all and so glad we have found each other…You all mean the world to me. Can’t wait to see you again, hopefully it’s sooner than later!

Also-My wonderful husband was awesome enough to let me go on our trip even though it was our 5 year anniversary!

I love you so much and can't wait to see what the next five years hold...wonder if it will be as exciting as the last five have!?! Happy Anniversary Chris!


Britni Key said...

Liz, I'm so glad I can excite you with all my tricks! Wish I had some to use here at home with my two little stinkers! Loved spending time with you and hope it's not too long before I see you again.

Anonymous said...

LOVE how you did this post! So creative ;) Had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year! But looking forward to hanging out with the Tarrants many times before then! Alex asked about "Maddie-Kinley" just today!

hannah said...

So glad he let you go! I love you and I love spending time with you!! Excited to see you and your girls soon. :)