Monday, June 13, 2011

My 28th Birthday!


I had a wonderful and eventful Birthday this year! The day before my birthday we went out to dinner with my parents and my cousin Elayna at a local Mexican food restaurant and then back to our house for presents and my mom’s chocolate sheet cake. My fav!

The girls think all presents are theirs and eager to help open them…



Blowing out the candles.

IMG_1696 and this is where it got interesting…right after that picture was taken the tornado sirens started going off. We were all eating cake and weren’t ready to take off for the bathroom…not to mention the bathroom that we get into during bad weather is totally not big enough for 5 adults and 2 crazy toddlers. But we headed that way anyways..we couldn’t get the internet on computers or phones or the tvs to work.

Pictures taken with my cell while hiding out in the bathroom! Elayna (left) was making this funny face when the hail started…it sounded like someone (or several someones) were standing on our roof with baseball bats beating the roof.

Photo0540 Photo0541

About the time it got real bad I got a text from some of our friends checking on us…they live in south Texas and had to tell us what was going on…they knew more than us! Thanks Kristi! Sweet you cared enough to call! ;)

Chris and my dad decided to watch the hail…this was way before it was done. It looked like snow was covering the ground when it was all said and done.


We decided to venture out after the hail and it seemed safe…wrong. The sirens started again and we were back in the bathtub again. It was a LONG night which ended with no power. yuck!

The night of my birthday my parents were nice enough to watch the girls while we got to go out with our BFF’s!

Before they left with Mimi and Poppy! (I had no make-up on)

Thank you Great Granddad and Great grandma for the girls super cute dresses!


Thank you Great Granddad and Great grandma for the girls super cute dresses!

Suz and I at Joe T’s!


Me and my hubby! Love him!


Love these girls so much!!!!!258964_10150202639899182_509354181_6929465_635408_o

I couldn’t ask for better best friends…I love it when we all actually get to go out together. It doesn’t happen often enough for me! getting babysitters for 7 kids (8 soon) isn't easy! Love you guys so much, thanks for spending the evening with me for my birthday! xoxo


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Suzanne said...

i heart you, elizabeth wood tarrant. so much.

love love love!!!!