Friday, July 8, 2011

Potty Training Day three

Day three started HORRIBLE. It was like everything had fallen out of their heads! I had been warned day two was bad, but it was day 3 for us…man, we had accident after accident. Madelyn started becoming afraid of going pee. She would sit on the potty but if she starts to feel like she is about to go she jumps off and does the potty dance. I mean like full out squeezing her legs together, jumping around. She can hold it too. I tried everything. She FINALLY gets to a point where she can’t hold it and starts peeing where ever she is.

Needless to say I was having a HORRIBLE day. I called my mom crying, because quite frankly I needed my mom! My mom assured me that she would get it…during which I look over and see Kinley pooping on the floor…I know GROSS!!! I started crying (not for the first time) and both girls came over and said “what’s wrong mama?” and hugged me. Sweet to know they still loved me. I am sure I wasn’t so much fun this morning. The girls had woken up early and were acting tired. I told them in was time to go to bed and they literally ran to their beds. I guess they had a rough morning also. Oh, to top it all off I had gotten a migraine! It was turning into quite the rotten day…

My mom called and said she was bringing lunch over. She came with flowers, lunch, diet cokes,chocolate, and cookies! She sat down and talked me down. After a pep talk and some comfort food I was feeling better!


That is about what I felt like (card from my mom)IMG_1937

The inside of my dove chocolate…I thought it was fittingIMG_1934

The afternoon wasn’t wonderful but with a better attitude it was a ton better than the morning. My mom had also brought the girls a toy (like better than what I had been giving them! HA) for prizes when they peed…I decided to show the girls the toys and said look at these pee pee prizes…Madelyn walked over and peed in the potty. Now I thought, great she might not be scared anymore…well that hasn’t been the case exactly but I THINK we are starting to see the light at the end…it’s pretty small!

Madelyn really took to cleaning her potty with wipes. She spent at least 45 minutes cleaning the potties (which were clean of course) For those of you that know Madelyn know that isn’t out of the norm for my clean freak!

IMG_1911 IMG_1912

Our dear friend Sandi, who is way more like family gave this book to the M and K. They LOVE LOVE it and I think it helped. It has pictures of the real things not drawings. Thanks, Sandi!

book cover

UPDATE-day 4 and 5 went TONS TONS better. It is like a light went off in their heads and they got it! We went from having accidents all the time to hardly any at all. Seriously it’s been a month and the girls RARELY have accidents. We have even gone on two road trips!!!! They still have some issues with pooping (they do it in their pull up) but even that is getting better. Potty training was seriously the HARDEST thing I have done as a parent. SO hard that would have loved to give up but so glad I stuck it out. I love not changing diapers. The 3 day method worked for us! I highly recommend it!!! Special thanks to my Mom and Suz for getting me through it!! and the countless others that had to listen to my texts and crying phone calls!!

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esther said...

good job, mamma! you did great, and so did the girls. i waited longer with my boys, 33.5 months to be exact, and they got it in 2-3 days--but they are older than your girlies...i actually took suz's approach, too, and did the 3-day method..we only do pull-ups during the night and nap (if they take one). i take the little potties in the minivan and make the boys go before going into a store. works great. one of them still has issues with #2 but it's not bad at all. :) and i agree with you, potty training was sort of the most challenging thing with the twins- even if it only took 2-3 days..oh well, glad to see that suz is doing things a year ahead of me and i can learn from her, too!

by the way, i know that your girlies are on the smaller side- my boys are tall but very thin and the pampers' version of pull-up worked a lot better for us. they are smaller, more like a size 4 regular case you find the huggies ones a bit too large for the girlies (my boys are over 36 inches and 24lb even, for comparison)...

:) e