Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Treasure it Tuesday!

So my good friend Kristi from The Hutton House and fellow twin mom started doing Treasure it Tuesday. I decided that it sounded like a great idea to remember the little things! I try to blog about all the things we do but not always the little stuff I want to remember!

Kinley started doing this funny thing were she pretends to sleep.


I have no idea how or why this started. She will close her eyes then peer out to make sure you are looking.IMG_2721 Usually with a grin on her face. She thinks it’s pretty funny…which we think it is!


Madelyn is OBESSED with shoes. Whenever we go to the playplace or any place you have to take your shoes off, Maddie will organize all the shoes.

pouting! Photo0646

She loves seeing all the shoes and yes she even tries to put them on. I don’t let her of course and sometimes she will pout and look back at me to see if I changed my mind.

The picture looks horrible because I used my phone.

Photo0645Her favorite shoe store is the Steece’s house and she LOVES to put on the Quads flip flops. Usually she picks the zebra print ones for herself and comes to find Kinley so she can wear the blue boy ones.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you finally did this post ;) I hope you keep it up!! And send sweet Maddie over to help me get some organizing done in the RV! Seems like we haven't seen y'all in forever! Can't wait til Saturday!