Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Treasure it Tuesday!

I thought I would continue to do the Treasure it Tuesday blog this week! I had a few things about the girls I had already decided to do for this week but that will have to wait! Today we found out that our good friends that were visiting for work are leaving this week. So I thought I would talk about how much we treasured the time we got to spend with them!

The Huttons have come into our lives because of our twin girls! Our stories about the girls are VERY similar. Our pregnancies are just about the same, even to the day we had them. Both in our 33rd week and after no real problems we both developed horrible Preeclampsia bad enough (VERY BAD) to deliver the babies. And our girls are only 5 days apart! I only wish I would have found her blog when I was pregnant. Last May we were a hour or so away from where they live so we popped by to meet them! I was sooo glad we did! It felt like a instant connection!

We didn’t have our girls during this trip so we just got to meet the Hutton Girls!

025 027

We decided real quick that we HAD to get our girls together! I think we waited like a week!

IMG_1261 Over the last year or so we have texted, emailed, blogged and talked to keep up with each other! We even got to go to the Huttons for Alex and Avery’s b-day!


After that we were lucky enough to see them a few times off and on…and always enjoyed our time together!

IMG_9922[4] A while after this we were LUCKY enough to get the Huttons up here after a bad storm we had (they are insurance adjusters)

Trip to the zoo!


The girls and I were so excited that we had our good friends here and that we could play almost everyday!

Mother’s day weekend!


After that visit we had our Twin mama trip and Kristi and I got some time away without the girls!

IMG_1219[5] After our getaway we were lucky again and they came back! Not only to our area but in our own town. The girls and I were pretty excited to hear that! Not sure who was more excited Madelyn and Kinley or me!

IMG_2577 M and K ask about AlexAvery every morning! IMG_2706

I think it is so neat to watch them play. They remember each other and the four of them play very well together. It is almost like they have a bond already!

Bff’s in training!


We always have a good time with the Huttons and are extremely happy for the time spent together this year!. I know that we are going to be HUNDREDS of miles away for a while but look forward to playing again. I told M and K tonight that Alex and Avery were going bye bye (after Kinley asked if we could see AlexAvery) she started to whine and cry because we couldn’t see them. WE LOVE YOU GUYS and wanted you to know how much we treasured all the time we spent with you!! We might have to let the girls Skype every once in a while!

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Kristi H said...

Oh my gosh, they were so little in those first pics! Seems like that was yesterday, but then I feel like we've known each other forever! This is the sweetest post, Liz! We were so lucky to have y'all to hang out with while we were up here working! We will certainly miss you! But like you said, we'll catch up this fall! I see many joint vacations in our future! The girls are obviously best buds already ;)