Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Potty Training Day two

Written June 2…yes I know I am behind. I just have the pictures on our desktop and I rarely use that computer!

I decided when I woke up that today was going to be a better day. ha, well I think I hoped for a better day. Madelyn woke up first and I decided to go ahead and get her to pee and work a little one on one with her. To my complete surprise she was completely dry. Which has only happened once when in her entire life and she was so sick and wasn’t peeing. I said you want to go pee pee? She sat down and start peeing she stopped mid pee and stood up screaming. She was terrified of the pee coming out. Sounds crazy but she is…she can hold it with the best of them. She stopped and started peeing a few dozen times. I finally got her to pee but she was NOT happy about it. About this time Kinley wakes up…she sits down and pees. Ok, not so bad! We were doing better.

Playing with our “prizes”


Kinley pees a ton and Madelyn doesn’t so either she is holding it and/or she has a huge bladder. I am thinking its a little bit of both. She will dance around and hold her legs together at least 3-5 minutes before she actually starts peeing so I think she gets how it feels. She just doesn’t like it. Her stomach gets all tight and huge because her bladder is so full. I tried to explain it’s not scary, and hold her hand and that helps but it is still a work in progress.

IMG_1857This whole potty training thing has honestly made me appreciate how different the girls really are. They may be twins and be a lot alike but so different too.


IMG_1855Kinley is getting it but gets distracted and will have a accident here and there. I was in the kitchen and they were in the living room with Chris (mostly he hasn’t been home during all this, so I take advance of when is home to do things like potty myself and make dinner) and Kinley had a accident and she got so upset “she came running to the gate and said "mama I peed on floor” she sounded so sad. So they are both getting the concept with is way more than I can say for yesterday. Plus I know it went better.I only did one load before nap instead of the day before 2!


Melody Forest McKee said...

Oh my goodness, they are so cute!

montanna said...

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Janet said...

That better not be Hawaiian punch in that sippy cup!! Just kidding, I couldn't help but post something stupid after all the ignorant comments you received from your day one post. Your girls are so adorable & they look like they are getting really big. Hope things are going well!

julia said...

I gotta give you props, girl! I put E & G in panties the other day. It only lasted a few hours. 5 accidents later, I decided to wait a while longer. Maybe I should have done the potty training BEFORE Ben was born!! I can't keep up with them and take care of him! I think I am going to wait until they seem really, really ready. Maybe that will help....