Tuesday, July 26, 2011

“Treasure it” Tuesday

This weekend Chris took some pictures of the girls for his new photography website with his new camera. The girls were not feeling the photo shoot but we got a few it was HOT. Chris isn’t crazy about them but his mama was happy to get them! Anyways I thought I would use them for today’s “Treasure it” Tuesday blog!

Madelyn is constantly putting on shoes as I talked about it a couple of tresure it tuesdays ago. But currently she is OBESSED with a pair of flip flops that have purple jewels on them. She calls them her bip blops. The second she gets home she wants them on and that is only if I didn’t let her wear them out already. She even wants to sleep in them.

IMG_3169 web

The girls are constantly playing in their play kitchen and love to bring you “lunch” and “dinner” with their play food. It usually doesn’t go together like cookies and toast or something like that but they ALWAYS bring you a spoon or fork always.IMG_3192 web Madelyn has started adding an a to the end of people’s name ex…Daddya, mommya and so forth…Kinley has even picked up on it and does it some.

IMG_3214 web

They still ask for their Prize when they pee pee in the potty. Which I haven’t even them one in forever. Until today…We are having pooping in the potty issues so I starting to give them a prize when they poop in the potty.

IMG_3264 web

IMG_3288 web The girls LOVE to look at pictures. Ones of themselves are their favorites to look at. No, they can’t always tell each other apart.

IMG_3295 webIMG_3322 web

Madelyn and Kinley know all their animals and what sounds they make. They want to go over this all time.

IMG_3325 web

Whenever Kinley wakes up from night time or a nap, she says when to you when you walk in there. I’m still awake, Mama. I’m still awake! Like you have left her in there for hours while she was awake.

IMG_3338 web

IMG_3348 web

They have been wanting to watch Alice in Wonderland (the cartoon) lately. Such a strange movie really but it’s cute. Madelyn CRACKS up when she drinks from the bottle and starts shrinking.

IMG_3378 web

I just thought this picture was sweet…we were singing wheels on the bus. They were at the part “the mommies on the bus say shhh shhh”

IMG_3387 web

Kinley does this lip thing with her finger (you can see it in this picture) She mostly does it when she is tired but lately she is doing it more and more. If you do it back to her she smiles and quits.

IMG_3398 web

Madelyn calls all dresses or really any clothes she thinks are pretty…her pretties. She often wants to go to sleep in her pretties…seeing a pattern with this child!IMG_3405 webIMG_3401 web

IMG_3410 web

IMG_3413 web


kelly said...

love the photos- they are great!!!

so, i just recently potty trained my twin boys, too- same method as you..and of them is having issues with #2 as well..no idea why- he is so good with everything else, does not even need a pull-up for naptime, nothing. he knows where #2 needs to go, tells you, etc..but chooses to do it on the floor, pants, etc.......what are you doing about this? i have no idea what to do, to be honest...

Elizabeth said...

Kelly, sounds like Madelyn. She pretty much perfect when it comes to pottying as well. I do keep putting a pull up on her bc of the pooping so I don't have to change sheets. I don't have a good answer...the other day Madelyn actually went poop in the potty the other day so I made a HUGE deal about it like I did in the beginning. I am thinking I will do the same with Kinley and hope that Madelyn will see it. I have heard that you really have to give it time. Agh! its horrible! If you want to feel free to email me at eaw00a@acu.edu

Holly said...

Wow girl! You are so lucky to have a photographer under your roof. I don't know why he wasn't pleased (perfectionist?), they are just adorable!!!!

hannah said...

precious! I love the ones of them running together!!