Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pearly whites!

Last week the girls had their first trip to the dentist. I stressed about how it was going to go. I had planned it late in the afternoon thinking maybe Chris could go with us. He couldn’t in the end. After all the doctors my girls have had to see in the past and the few ER trips we have had they get nervous around doctors.

The girls fell asleep right before we pulled into the parking lot which usually means DISASTER! The pediatric dentist’s office was set up with lots of toys and tv screens so the girls were just fine!

Kinley couldn’t even take her eyes off the movie for a picture.


Madelyn was too busy to look at me either!


Once we got in the girls were completely fascinated by the dentist’s chair.


As you can tell…


they loved it…


Once the dentist came in I didn’t get to get any more pictures. This dentist is GREAT with kids. The girls were hesitant at first but warmed up quickly. They don’t do cleanings there this young but looked at their teeth to make sure things were ok. He asked me if the girls get their teeth at the same time, I said not at all (Madelyn got teeth much later than Kinley) He said that is odd most of his identical twins all got teeth at the same time. See everyone thinks they look just alike! He and the nurse were shocked that the girls are fraternal.

The girls still do not have their 2 year old molars and he said that he didn’t see much sign of them yet. He told us that everything looked good but that both girls had tight teeth. I am betting braces in our future…I guess we should start saving now!

They got new toothbrushes and toys…they officially LOVE the dentist.


For days after they went they would show everyone their teeth and tell them about their trip to the dentist.


It was a great experience and I am not sure why I kept putting it off!


Elyse said...

That's totally awesome that they loved the dentist. They both look mighty cute with their toothbrushes.

Amber said...

Better start flossing :) Emmy's got tight teeth too and you know where that got us!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, M&K! I hope we have a similar experience! They looked so cute ;)

Edward McNamara said...

They look super cute in these photos! And it's pretty obvious how much they loved their dentist! Please stay that way forever, girls! =D