Thursday, September 29, 2011

Going out of town!

Since we haven’t been to Austin in a while we decided to head that way for a weekend with the girls. Uncle Clint and Aunt Andrea were working most of the weekend but we found plenty of things to do with the girls. We slept in (one of the mornings) we went shopping and out to lunch. I had been looking online for places to go and found this Amusement park type thing and miniature golf place. I have to admit when we drove up Chris and I didn’t think it was worth stopping but the girls had already seen the horses on the carousel so we were stuck. LOL! Actually the girls had a GREAT time and we were glad we went!





They ran around to each ride so excited! They are growing up way too fast.


They decided they wanted to drive different cars on this one.Cracks me up how one minute they can't stand to be without the other then the next they want their own space. I'm betting that won't change.





There was a Ferris wheel and we both didn’t think they would like it. They said that if they got on and hated it that they would stop and bring them back…there wasn’t many people there. I think the next two pictures explain how the girls felt about the ride.

Kinley…unsure, but no crying.


Madelyn…LOVE IT!


Riding the Choo Choo train.



The next morning Uncle Clint and Aunt Andrea were off so we went to Don Juan’s for breakfast. This AMAZING place in Austin…it was on Man vs. Food. We watch the show and once we saw it on there we had to try it…We now go anytime we are in town. Tastes so good but you have to wait most of the time.

Waiting in line, wasting time taking pictures.


and playing with sunglasses!

Madelyn with Aunt Andrea




Madelyn playing with Uncle Clint





We spent the day playing with Clint and Andrea and after a good home cooked dinner we headed home! We had a good trip home and actually got to drive home in a storm…I know that is usually a bad thing but after not seeing rain for the past 6 months (not sure of the actually time but it had been FOREVER) it was nice! We had a great time and looking forward to our next visit down south!


Also I use Window's live writer and it is messing up the pictures and not letting me center them. I think I may have to switch to another program to write blogs. Any suggestions which one?! Thanks!

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Britni Key said...

That is an old park, but made for some Great pics. I love those old long as they were well greased. The girls are getting so big, but just as adorable as ever. We may have to check that place out next time we're in Austin.