Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Letter A

Last week I started doing a letter of the week with the girls. After deciding we didn’t really want to put the girls in a preschool yet. Due to it being totally expensive for 2 toddlers, and due to the fact that the girls have ECI up to three times a weeks some weeks. We decided not to start the girls this year. That being said I didn’t want them to be behind from the other kids!

Last week we had A week! I decided that we were going to be laid back about time and I am NOT waking them up to have “school” as the girls call it. We start at 10 (as long as they are awake…they have been sleeping till almost 10) and I get the girls dressed for the day…it helps me stay on track! Thanks to some ideas online (mostly pinterest) and a things I learned in some of the elementary ed classes I took in College I was ready to start.

We started the first day playing with letter magnets on cookie sheets. The girls LOVED this and have asked to play with them several times since then. We also sang ABC’s the girls could sing this song FOREVER!





Then in the old school tradition we had to have recess….lol! Plus us Texas people were so glad to have under 100 degree weather for a week. It’s back to over a hundred again.


We talked about apples this day. After discussing apples this is what the girls will say about them…The girls answers are from various occasions. Me: Where do Apples come from. Girls: farm and trees. Me: Who picks the apples? Girls: Mommy, Daddy, and Farmers. Me: Who eats apples? Girls: Donkeys, MOOs, Horses, Ponies, dogs, and me. Me: Where does the farmer take the apples once he picks them? Girls : the farm and store.

We went to the farmers market to see all the different apples and to buy some apples. I was disappointed that this farmers market only had two different kinds and they were both red.


After the Farmers market we went home for some more apple fun! I Cut the apples in half and they painted with them using finger paint…my girls are not sure at all about finger paint.





When they they were finished with their paintings (which you can’t see but had a Upper and Lower case A on them) I had finished cutting apples for our applesauce. Which took me back to making babyfood!



Just cut up the apples, add a little water and some cinnamon! Boil until soft then mash! The applesauce was way too hot for the girls to eat before nap so they had a afternoon snack!

IMG_4381 They also played with all their Animals for our A week as well.(different than the apple day) I had Carter and Saywer then so Carter got to play too. We also watched a movie about animals.

IMG_4403a I decided to pick a shape and color each week too. Circle was our shape this time so I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. IMG_4385a

Before our week started I had picked up some books and DVDs from the library to use during the week. They came in handy because Madelyn started running a fever and wasn’t up for as much this day.


They LOVED watching Clifford the big RED dog.


We practiced drawing circles. Madelyn won the prize for the best circle. She has been drawing them forever.

Picnik collage

I had wanted to get shaving cream and dye it red so the girls could play in the tub with it. My mom wondered if they might try to eat it. Which I agreed it was HIGHLY likely. I decided to use ready whip in stead. I drew a circle with the ready whip can then gave them some of the dyed one also.




Our cousin who we we call Aunt Elayna (the girls BFF) was off on this day and came over to visit. She got in on our Red/Circle day as well. She painted the girls toes red! This was a HUGE hit.


Wow! I didn’t realize I had taken so many pictures of our A week! Hope you weren’t too bored! We started B week today! I had centered all the pictures in Live writer but when it posted them some of them were to the left. It wouldn't let me fix them.


Anonymous said...

Such cute ideas!! My girls play with shaving cream in the shower every night - it's the only thing that entertains them since they can't take a bath in the RV! They love it! We'll write letters and draw shapes in shaving cream on the shower wall ;) Miss y'all and those cute girlies!!

Celeste Smith said...

Cute ideas. R has played with shaving cream lots too...she only made the mistake of tasting it once (it isn't super appealing).

Janet said...

Great ideas! We just got a new stainless steel refrigerator and our abc magnets no longer stick to it. Great ideas with the cookie sheet!

Anonymous said...

Love love love loved this one! xoxoxox Jess

amy said...

GREAT ideas, Liz~ So fun!! LOVE this blog: http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/ She has GREAT preK resources to use and print for FREE. I use lots of her stuff AND Beth has a blog with AWESOME Letter of the Week activities too: http://diapers-to-diplomas.blogspot.com/ Just in case you wanted more ideas. :) You are a great Mama!

Kristen said...

i love this. I did this with my kids last year. I don't put my babies in until 3 1/2. best. decision. ever. Don't rush dropping them off. I just now felt like the twins were ready @ 3 1/2.