Friday, September 16, 2011

A little country and A little Rock and Roll!

The girls got invited to their friends Reese and Riley's 3rd birthday party recently! We always love getting an excuse to see our friends. They had it at a very cool play place inside a church...we will have to visit there again!

Leave it to my girls to hit up the desserts before playing! I got their cute dresses at Walmart for $3!!! I never find sales like that!

Never fails when I look at pictures after the fact I realize how big my girls are sure is bittersweet for me!

Lately the girls are always together...especially when we are out. They are never far behind the other.

I love this picture of all the girls chatting! lol

Can I just tell you how happy this next picture makes me! I have mostly met these women through my blog and I have found a GREAT friendship in all of them...looking forwarded to getting to know Beth better too! I am completely blessed to have this group of women that I call my friends. They know exactly what we are going through having twins, one of the greatest bonds! Anyways back to the picture (I get carried away talking about what these ladies mean to me, and the ones not there!) We have a new member in our group!! Leah, (Amy's sister) who I have enjoyed getting to know everytime I am with her through the last year or two. We invited her to be in our Twin Mama picture this time because she is having twins!!!!!! I am so excited for her! Leah, you are in our prayers...and know you have the biggest twin mama support group already!

We had a wonderful time celebrating R and R's birthday! I was annoyed my camera man husband didn't get any pictures of the details of the party, Amy is my awesome party planning friend!

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amy said...

sweet pics! The girls LOVED their party- so fun. Glad yall came!! Love you!