Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Letter B

Last week was our second week of learning letters! We are going in order because well it's easier for me! LOL! So we learned letter B!

First we practiced writing B's

Then I had gathered up things that started with the letter B and put them in a bag. We called it their B bag. This went WAY better than I thought. They loved it. In our bags...baby, bed, block, ball, and bows.

They carried around their bags for days.

We learned about bugs and made our letter B, bees! I am putting together a book with the letters they make.

The girls have never really used a glue stick and I was thinking this was going to be a HUGE disaster it actually went much better than I thought.

After making our bees and reading a book about bees. The girls learned that bees made honey so I had some for them to try....

Madelyn was not impressed with honey.

After learning about bees, we headed to the park on a bug hunt. I got the girls bug catchers and they love them. They call them their catchers. Any time they see anything they think is a bug they run to get their catchers.

We actually didn't have any luck at the park...I think it's so hot here even the bugs are staying away!
Actually as luck or not luck would have it, the week we were learning about the letter B and Bees. A bee got into our house during nap time. We killed it but I had to show the girls...They thought it was neat to see the bee. They tell anyone that comes over about the bee.

We live close to a lake and went on another field trip to look at the Boats.
Anytime you ask Madelyn what letter does boat (or any other B word) she says EEEEEEE! When she is saying the letter B she drops the B sound and it just comes out EEEE. For the first couple times I was thought she wasn't getting it and thinking it was the letter E.

There was also a flock of birds! Good day for B's at the Lake!

The next two pictures I had to include because they are just so Kinley!

They had been playing in the dirt so she had some dirt on her face.

I put some soap in the water table for Bubbles! It was the best weather we have had in FOREVER so we were looking for reasons to stay outside!



They had a B dinner. Bananas, Blueberries, Broccoli, and Biscuit sandwiches!

It is so fun to watch the girls learn! When I think they aren't paying attention they repeat it all back to me!


amy said...

Love B week!! cute cute ideas!

Anonymous said...

You're so creative! Think we're going to study "M" today and head to the MALL and spend some MONEY ;)

Anonymous said...

Let them write the letters in shaving cream..put some in a cookie sheet...let them write letters then play!! This is very good if they have sensory issues as well.
If you want a quick unmessy version put shaving cream in a gallon zip lok bag. More fun ways is in a box lid macaroni or rice.(Use a box with lid and it can be used over and over)

Anonymous said...

You are so creative liz. I love it.