Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“Treasure it” Thursday

I missed the “treasure it” Tuesday so I figured that I would do a Thursday edition instead. The girls are getting so much personality we NEVER have a dull moment around here. They sure can throw a fit but they are so fun right now too!

The girls have finally gotten enough hair for big girl ponytails!!!! Last week we put it up for the first time so the pictures in this post are of that day.


The girls are learning their middle names. It is so cute to hear them say them…Kinley often gets called Kinley Margaret when she is in trouble so she caught on real fast Winking smile Madelyn just thinks its so funny when she says her name is Kinley. So funny listening to them when they are trying to be funny.


Madelyn is so sensitive lately. Any time she can tell you are not happy with her she sucks her bottom lip in and will start to cry…it is so sweet and you usually forget why you are mad…I think she might know that it works!


This week the girls have been playing together A LOT. They will actually go into their room and play while we are in the living room. Their playroom is off of the living room so up until now they haven’t really played in their room. Its kinda of nice that they are entertaining themselves more.


A few weeks ago we went to my uncle’s ranch to take pictures. While we were there we went to see the donkey. This donkey LOVES to be fed. He will HeYaw when you walk up to tell you he is hungry…he is seriously LOUD! I had forgotten to take an apple to feed him and the only thing we had was a doughnut from the girls breakfast. We decided to go ahead and give it to him. Later Kinley kept talking about feeding the donkey a doughnut…We decided that it probably wasn’t a great idea to feed the donkey a doughnut. Chris told Kinley “Kinley we feed donkeys apples not doughnuts” thinking she would start saying we feed donkeys apples. Nope she says “we feed donkeys apples NOT doughnuts”! So our gig is up, she will tattle on us! (anyone reading this in my family you can keep that one to your self…lol)


Madelyn is getting really good on trading toys with Kinley when Kinley has something she wants. She will try to go find something and make a trade for the toy she really wants. Kinley hasn’t caught on yet! Madelyn I think your days are numbered for that!


Aren’t they SOOO cute in their ponytails!? It pretty much fell down before long but it is still cute!


Anonymous said...

Miss them!!! They're getting so big! Love the pony tails! And Chris... where are the new pics?!?

Anonymous said...

TOOOO FUNNY!!!! Jessica