Monday, February 21, 2011

A great weekend

Chris was home this weekend, which NEVER happens. If he isn’t working we are usually going out of town. It was so nice to relax and have a great weekend at home!

The weather here has been simply wonderful the last week. We took the kids to the park twice and spent time with friends.

Kinley always has her tongue sticking out!


Me and My girls….going down the slide.


Madelyn LOVES to slide IMG_9503

Kinley…tongue again!

IMG_9500 Carter Man! His family went with us to the park.


Madelyn IMG_9504

Kinley helping her sissy! Pretty sure she wasn’t but I can dream right! IMG_9530

Look at those eyes!!! I think my girls might fight over him later in life! IMG_9540 IMG_9517

Madelyn decided to swing IMG_9521


We had a great Saturday just hanging out! I can’t wait till we get to do it again.

On Sunday night I gave the girls some blue and pink yogurt. Not sure what I was thinking but glad I decided to take their shirts off and that it was bath night!!!! They sure had fun though. IMG_9548IMG_9547


Celeste Smith said...

I love weekends when we get to all be together with nothing to do...they are rare but always awesome! I just took pics of R and L enjoying a park tonight! It's perfect weather for it! Can't believe it is February!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm definitely not showing those last two pictures to A&A! You're such a cool momma! Love the pic of you and the girls and the two of Madelyn sliding! Miss those two girls so much!

amy said...

those little cutie pies! How fun. And that Carter and those eyes... he'll be a little heartbreaker for sure. ;)

Janet said...

Love the yogurt pictures! Those are classic! I think my fav is the one of you and your beautiful gals on the slide! Three beautiful ladies!

Tina Michelle said...

Oh my the cuteness! I love their shirts.

Stephanie said...

THose park pics are amazing!!
Love the one of you and the girls on the slide!!
Sounds like alot of fun!!