Monday, May 2, 2011

March of Dimes

Last year a fellow blog writer and twin mom, Amy put together a team to walk in our local March of Dimes 5 mile walk. We had been reading each others blogs for a little while and realized we had a lot in common. She is my soul sister! Love you to pieces Amy! Anyways, she did it again this year and we were more than happy to join again!

She had us over for a get together a week or so before the walk! We had a blast getting to see everyone and hang out.

Three sets of girl twins! Always busy!

IMG_9949 IMG_9950

I love this picture of Reese. I have always tried to buddy up with her. She is a hard sale, much more shy than Riley. She smiled for me several times this night. I think we finally bonded!IMG_9953

The walk starts pretty early on Saturday so the girls weren’t quite awake yet!IMG_9995 Getting restless before the walk!


Reese and Riley!


and we are off! Look at the girls….sitting the same way. Madelyn is almost asleep. I think she cat napped a few times.


Amy and Riley!


Madelyn some how flipped around and yes she was buckled in. Don’t worry we fixed it right after the picture!


Our Family at the girl’s sign! Sorry it is WAY too bright! IMG_0029

My sweet girls have come a LONG way!


Kinley got a little bored toward the end of the 5 mile walk

Kinley watching Dora!


The twins. (bright again, this is what happens when Chris is in the picture)

IMG_0044 Riley and Reese’s sign!


We had a great day with friends, supporting a GREAT cause! One that is close to my heart!

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amy said...

LOVE March of Dimes. What a fun day- so glad that yall walked with us again. Love you soul sista! ;) The pic of Riley and me is cracking me up- I must have been laughing or talking or something. :) I love that little stinker... even though I was CARRYING her while pushing an empty stroller. haha