Saturday, May 28, 2011


We have had the great pleasure of getting to hang out with our good friends the Huttons! They had been here doing insurance adjusting…WE LOVED IT!!! We tried to cram as much stuff into the time they were here, cause we didn’t know how long they would be here. Man we were so spoiled having them around all the time!

We finally tried out this place called Paradise Pond with Alex and Avery!

That slide on the left is killer…seriously so fast. We went down once and no one wanted to do it again after that. Yes, the moms went down it too…and have the scars to prove it!

2[3] Alex and Avery playing dress up! K and M were scared to go in that area. They are particular scared of boy dress up things. Ex.masks. LIKE TERRIFIED

IMG_1251[3] Ok so I LOVE this next picture…the girls were playing Basketball. Look at M and Alex or Avery (I can’t tell) Madelyn is trying edge one of the Hutton girls off the stool! Madelyn is SOOO much shorter than her but it doesn’t phase her! Sorry A and A…We didn’t mean to push!


After playing we decided to have a picnic and more playing at the park! It was great!


One of the weekends they were here, we all went to dinner together. Kristi and I get along so well and are so lucky our husbands do too!!! Our families mesh VERY well together. We had a wonderful time at dinner then headed back to where they were staying to let the girls splash around in the “beach”

IMG_1357 IMG_1358

Kristi who is my new personal shopper ;) and can find a bargain just about anywhere, got my girls these super cute bathing suits! and at a deal I might add!


Sometimes they would just play with their sister…


Sometimes they traded!


and sometimes they played all together.


or even played by themselves! (I really just liked this picture and had to get it in!!!)


As much as Kristi and I enjoyed getting together during the day with the girls. It was nice to have all of our families together for the evening!

Part 2 coming! We had so much fun with the Huttons I couldn’t cram it into one post! I will say reliving all the fun, makes me miss them even more!


Tina Michelle said...

Aww, that looks like so much fun! Best friends in the making. :)

Kristi H said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE all these pics! And yes... definitely makes me sad! We miss y'all!! I'm so you and I will hang out again soon, but we'll have to get the girls together again! They still talk about M&K every day! (And if things continue as is, we might be back up there in a couple of weeks! Keep your fingers crossed!)