Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teacher of the year and a Ball game!

This year my Aunt Cathy (My Mom’s sister) was picked as the Teacher of the year at her school!!! She teaches 3rd grade at the same school she started her teaching career at for over 30 years. She actually went to the school too.

Anyways, all the Teachers of the year from our district were honored at a Ranger’s game. We were more than happy to go support her at the game!

They all got to go on the field before the game!



I have a picture of everyone that was with us but some of my family would KILL me if I put it on here…it wasn’t the best family picture!!!! No one was smiling..I think they were more into the game then the picture!.So you get one of Chris and I…IMG_1448

We had GREAT seats!!! They were amazing!




This is where the good pictures stop…we had a turn of events and had to put up the good camera. We just used our cell phones. The people in front of us kept looking at the weather on their phone and decided that there was a BIG storm coming and decided to go ahead and leave. About the time we decided to look at the radar, it was too late! It starting POURING. We decided that at this point we were all soaking wet and would just wait it out. Then we heard some of the loudest thunder and lighting I have ever heard. We decided to at least leave our uncovered seats.

Before we decided to leave


My cousin Elayna and I trying to stay dry!Photo0462

The next picture needs some explanation. (it’s a horrible quality, I know) Chris recently got a new camera. For those of you that really know Chris, know that he loves cameras. Before the girls we joked around and called them his children. (not sure it’s that different now that the girls are here) It’s pretty bad but I put up with it because I think we get some good pictures out of it! Anyways, during the rain Chris was not worried at all about us but having a minor, err…major freak out that something was going to happen to the camera. Keep in mind it was wrapped up in a camera bag but not enough for him. He seriously walked around the ballpark with the bag wrapped up in his arms to protect his baby!


As we decided to brave the weather and walk to our car, the rain stopped and they started playing again. We watched for a little while but decided we were tired of being wet and headed home. It was a fun night anyways and were glad to go,support our Aunt Cathy. We were so proud of her!

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amberdgardner said...

I loved this post! Tatum was sitting in my lap while I read it. The comments went a little like this....

"It's Miss Kaffee!"
"It's Way-na!"
"They play baseball."

I laughed out loud at the picture of Chris clutching tight to his bag. Tatum said, "He's funny."