Saturday, May 14, 2011

Playing it up in Oklahoma

Every last weekend in April my Dad’s family gets together for a weekend of fun at our family land/ranch. The last two times the girls have been they have been way to small to enjoy anything there. The first year they were like 3 months old and last year they were just over a year but not walking. This year totally different story they loved it.

They were totally spoiled all weekend with all the big cousins to play with and spoil them rotten. We have a HUGE family. So always lots and lots of cousins to play with.

They played on the swing set (that is really too big for the girls)


We took the girls swings so they would have something to swing on.



Kinley. She doesn’t look like she is having fun but she was.


They played with Mimi and Poppy!


We brought some Easter eggs to “hid” and the girls decided to put dirt and grass in them. I guess they knew they weren’t supposed to be empty.


They finally got tired of watching everyone else on the 4-wheeler


So we took them for a little ride…they LOVED. They would giggle over every little bump.


but this is what happens when they don’t get a nap for the day.


The girls learned how to climb out of the Pack in plays on this trip…thus starting the getting out of the ones at home I think!

After their little power nap they decided to have tea parties. Kinley and Madelyn were obsessed with that little table and chairs. Which I think has been around FOREVER!


They were carried everywhere they wanted to be carried.

IMG_1113 We had a bonfire and the girls had their first s’mores! It was a hit! However, their Daddy was way too busy taking pictures of the fire (new camera) so we don’t have any pictures of it but PLENTY of fire pictures.


I thought I would spare you from all of them! :) We had a wonderful time as usually spending time with family. We are blessed!


amberdgardner said...

That picture of them sleeping on the four-wheeler is so cute! Such a simple and special little moment.

Anonymous said...

Such a great weekend! I loved spending time with you guys ! :)

Love Jessica