Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a wonderful Easter. The girls seemed to enjoy the whole holiday this year. It was a lot of fun watching them enjoy everything. However, they were completely sure that they DID NOT want to see the actual Easter bunny. Every time we passed him at the mall, they waved until we got closer and then would say no no bunny! So no Easter bunny pictures this year.

Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny!


The girls opening their baskets.



We were off to church after the Easter baskets. I decided to take pictures before church to ensure they they were clean and well behaved and not tired! I LOVE the pictures, so there are a few!


IMG_0743 IMG_0745IMG_0754 There are more but I liked those the best! I did however forget to take a picture of all of us! Oh well! My parents brought the girls a Easter present so the girls got to open them before we went in. I have no idea why Poppy isn’t in any of these pictures…he was there!IMG_0755 IMG_0758

Madelyn giving Mimi a hug after getting her books and Stuffed hello kitties! IMG_0760 Our church always has a egg hunt after church and we were so thankful it was not raining this year! (seems like it rains a lot here on Easter!) It took a few moments for the girls to figure it all out!

IMG_0796 Until they learned that there was candy in each egg. It was over. They stopped to eat!


IMG_0802 IMG_0803 We spent Easter afternoon taking a three hour nap! It was a great day!

It was also Uncle Andrew’s birthday so in the evening we got to celebrate his birthday! Thanks to Grandma Belinda for watching the girls so we could have dinner with no little girlies! They are getting more hard fun to take to restaurants lately! We are working on that!

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Celeste Smith said...

I love those photos of your girls! They looked so pretty...well they always do! Ah. Eating out is such fun. NOT! I almost get to the point where it is easier to go home and cook. Usually R is throwing something on the ground that I am cleaning up and L is needing to go to the bathroom in that exact instant...its rare that I actually enjoy it! We have been dining out a lot less or a lot more just Steven and I. I loved getting to see you and your sweet girls on Easter!!