Friday, May 6, 2011

A Royal Tea Party!


Ok, if you know me, you know sometimes I can get a bit carried away with a good party! It all started with my cousin Elayna, we started talking about the Royal Wedding. I asked her if she was going to wake up and watch, she promptly told me no, which I quickly said you have too! Somehow it went from her not watching to us planning a Tea Party Viewing party! Yes, I am fully aware that I am crazy, but hey we had a blast planning and actually going through with it.

us at like 4 in the morning! She just spent the night.


We had a TON of brunch type food! It was a good thing because it was way early and we needed help staying awake. IMG_0686 No tea party is complete without tea!

Tea Party My mom was totally up for a watching viewing party and came over BRIGHT AND EARLY too! See where we all get it from…we can’t help it!

My brother when he heard we cooked a ton came by to eat much LATER!!!!

(and didn’t care about the wedding at all)

IMG_1027 The little girls who didn’t get up early either had to get in on the tea party too! We borrowed their table from Mimi’s house…it used to be mine growing up.

IMG_1019 IMG_1020

IMG_1029 They loved it…you would have thought it was Christmas morning or something…IMG_1034





IMG_1042 We had a blast watching the royal wedding. It was beautiful and very classy! I was tired the rest of the day but well worth it in my book!


Kristi said...

You are too funny, but what a fun memory!

Amber said...

K and M's tea party was way too cute! What great times! I was busy sleeping at that time, but glad you have fun celebrating :)

Celeste Smith said...

I was sleeping. I didn't watch a second of anything to do with the wedding and only even knew it was going on because of all the magazines in the grocery store and Facebook. what can I say? I have been busy! Glad yall had fun! What a fun way to enjoy a special event!