Monday, August 30, 2010

Family Time

My cousin has been in Iraq for the last year and just got back last month. (He is a chaplain the US army.) He and is family are stationed in Seattle now and they came for a visit and to attend their oldest son's wedding. A week before the wedding we all had dinner together at my Aunt's it was so nice to see had been too long!
Their family at the wedding.
(only one I could find with all of them. Blog to come)

Whitney (my cousin) was so excited to meet the girls. She moved to Seattle and got married and at their wedding I was VERY pregnant.

Whitney and Madelyn

The girls LOVE stairs and luckily they have a gate. I think they spent all their time sitting on the few steps before the gate. The older cousins all took turns playing with them. I love it! It is just how I grew up, playing with all my cousins!

Madelyn and Darby

Kinley trying to talk someone into letting her go all the way up!

Ashleigh and Kinley. Seriously I wish this girl lived with me. She chases them everywhere!

Kevin ( he is the one that had been gone)

What our family does best...talking!
Kevin and Laura have twins. They were born while they were stationed in Germany but came back not to long after. I have loved watching the boys grow up...they are so tall now. They are 15 but they both played with the girls while we were there. It was like they had a special bond!

The twins!

My Kinley and her mouth full of teeth!

Madelyn, back to the stairs

Next up... The wedding!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family you have!!

Janet said...

Kristi H took the words right out of my mouth! Your girls are so adorable! The look like they have gotten so big!

Celeste Smith said...

Cuties! I think all kids have a thing about stairs!

Whitney O'Neal said...

Hi, I can't believe I came across your blog. I recognized the 1st picture I saw from Hannah and Karl's wedding....where we met. Our kids had a blast playing in the flower arrangement. I will be following your blog. It was great meeting you.