Thursday, August 19, 2010

Storytime with Friends!

Thank you for all your sweet comments about Madelyn, yes she was VERY sick. She was quite pitiful but she seems to mostly be back to normal. Kinley is still not showing signs...crossing fingers!

Throughout this last year, well really since the girls were about 6 or so months old (might have been a little younger) we have been going to Bouncing Babies at our Library. My mom is the manager at three different libraries in Arlington so the girls LOVE to see Mimi too. ( I think she might like when they come too) The girls really love story time and all the singing. We usually have a few friends that join us for storytime each week!

This particular day our good friends were in town and were more than happy to go with us. We also met My friend Amber and her kids there too.

Our group-I wonder where the twins are?!

Kinley making herself comfortable listening to Miss. Kristen!

"Aunt" Celeste got snacks out! So my girls aren't far behind!
They eat everyone else snacks, I seriously don't know why they weigh so little!

Ok, so this is the girls boyfriend...Samuel! We approve!

One of their favorite parts..the parachute

The twins don't really get it but LOVE to watch.

Oh no, it's getting close to nap time!
We were so glad that Aunt Celeste and River came with us!!! Celeste moved and didn't think that their library had storytime but once she got home she checked and they do. We are so glad that they are going to be able to go once they get home. So if you don't already go to a library storytime you should go find one. We love it and know you will too!

Sweet River!
We LOVE when you get to come and play!

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Celeste Smith said...

Super Cute! Man they were all over those snacks! You would think that I put something different in my puffs. lol! I love those little girls and am praying our story time is half as good as yours!