Friday, August 20, 2010

Mullets anyone???

The girls hair was getting out of CONTROL!!! You know it's bad when people keeping asking..."when are you going to get their hair cut" Auntie Suz cut it before but because it was too crazy we decided to take them in...I was super worried about how these was going to go....

Madelyn getting ready...Look at that hair!

The lady that cut the girls hair was cutting another set of twins hair when we got there....She is quite used to multiples. She said that were she used to work the Moms of Multiples group would come in all together on a Saturday...12 moms with twins and triplets!!! Two sets were easy enough for her!

Madelyn getting a little bored

Pulled out the suckers and all was fine again!

Kinley's turn, who had spotted the suckers!

Her hair was the worst...Business up front, party in back!

Madelyn playing with Mimi! I was not brave enough to do haircuts by myself! They were all over the salon!

Overall the girls did AMAZING, and completely shocked me! We left and had a nice lunch at Chick fil a and long naps!

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amy said...

ahhh! cuties. looks like they did great! Someday we'll need a haircut... ha!

The Scott's said...

i give brooks a haircut almost every other week because his hair grows so fast and is so thick. burkley on the other hand hasn't had one yet! looks like your little cuties liked getting their ears lowered!!

Hannah said...

Fun!Glad they did so well!

Celeste Smith said...

Their hair looked so cute too! I love little baby hair dos! They look like they managed it pretty well!