Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finally...the 4th

Ok, so I know it's late! Oh well!

We had a GREAT fourth this year! The girls seemed to really enjoy it too. Every year we go to my uncle Ray's for lunch. We decided to take the wagon and the girls had a great time being pulled around by all their cousins.
(so surprised they have kept those blue eyes)

Mimi,Poppy and the girls coming back from watching the horses.


Playing with Ashley and Zach

With all our family around the girls were given LOTS of food to eat. They always like other people's food much better than their own.

They stole a snow cone from Ashley. Yes Madelyn was using a fork. She refused to give it back!

Not real great with a spoon, most of it would fall out before it got to her mouth.

They always have a hay ride around the ranch and both of the girls took a turn "helping" Poppy drive!

Kinley rode on the back with Brian and Jamie!

Both girls took turns sleeping on the hay ride too! Didn't get a picture of K sleeping.

attempt to try to get a picture.
Zach decided to try to help them look at the camera...ha! This little boy is just about the cutest thing ever. He LOVES to play with the girls...pretty sure they love when he does play with them.
It is hard to see but Kinley face is priceless in this picture.

After Uncle Ray's we went with Mimi and Poppy downtown to watch the fireworks. Aren't their shirts too cute?! and their shoes! We got them for their birthday from the Woodrows and they were perfect for the 4th!

It was way past their bedtime waiting for the fireworks to start but the girls were quite the little troopers!

When they started, Kinley wasn't sure of them at first but she finally came around.

She did have to be sitting in someone's lap the whole time...She stayed there until they were done! Madelyn LOVED them and would visit everyone's lap.

We had a great fourth! It was so much fun to watch the girls watch fireworks for the first time.

My "little" girls turned 18 months on Sunday. I can't believe they are 1.5!


Celeste Smith said...

I love their little dresses! they are too adorable! i can't believe they are 1.5 either!!!

Hannah said...

18 months? No way. They will be 2 before you know it. I LOVE those big blue eyes!!

Holly said...

Your girls are so cute! They are always so adorable and put together, I don't know how you do it. Do make all their bows? Super cute!

amy said...

Love the update of these sweet girls! they are just gorgeous!

The Scott's said...

it looks like they have grown so much since your last post!!!!

Hilary said...

Great pictures as always..18 months old Saturday!? Time flies and those girlies are growin' :) So sweet...