Saturday, August 14, 2010

NICU style!

Last year the Annual NICU reunion was canceled due to the swine this year we were so excited go! They were having it at the Ballpark in Arlington for a Ranger's game. They had rented out a suite for dinner and then we all could watch the game.

Our family

This is one of our nurses, Jessica. She was amazing, she was actually our nurse the day we got discharged.
This was the best picture we got.

All you can eat peanuts and popcorn...doesn't get any better than that!
We finally decided to brave the heat (it's been over 100 for like 19 days) and watch a little of the game...well we thought we would watch. They didn't like sitting still after they should have been in bed. The girls were so cute, everytime the crowd would cheer they would start clapping and getting all excited. They had no idea what for but it was cute all the same.

Daddy TRYING to watch the game with Madelyn

After we realized the Ranger's game was going to be short lived for us, we decided to take some pictures before a meltdown.

Daddy and Kinley

Kinley sitting like a big girl

Madelyn and Mama

Madelyn LOVES to wave to everyone. She waved at the lady behind us a HUNDRED times...I mean really a hundred...the lady was very nice about it and would wave back but seriously it was out of control.

Ok, we are DONE! Time for bed!

We were honored to go and see the people that helped bring our kids into this world. Madelyn and Kinley were only in the NICU for 18 days but it felt like a long time and those nurses ARE very special to us and always will be. Most of our favorite nurses were nighttime nurses and weren't there :(


Anonymous said...

I'm going to show these pics to our NICU and see if they can kick our reunion up a notch! LOL! Looks like they were very good! That's hilarious about Madelyn waving at that lady! I'm sure the lady didn't mind ;)

The Scott's said...

Gosh, a NICU reunion, how nice. Our hospital doesn't have one...think I might have to call and see about this! Looks like ya'll had fun!!!