Thursday, August 26, 2010

Everywhere you look...TWINS!!!

A couple of weeks ago we had the PLEASURE of meeting up with two other twin families at the Gaylord! Yes, I met them through my blog! Amy and Britni both have blogs and both have twin girls! Amy and I have already met and let me just tell you I LOVE this girl....Everytime we hang out I find something else we have in common. Britni...OMG, this lady is just as AMAZING. It was like we all had been friends forever! I mean we do read each others blog everyday...It was like meeting old friends for lunch!

What lunch looks like with 3 sets of twins. 6 highchairs. We sure did get LOTS of stares

Aren't these girls the cutest...Clare and Adde looking at the water!

My girls watching the big girls.
The other twins are all 2! Oh, the things to come!

Clare and Reese...our girls all got along so well.

Madelyn and Daddy...This was the day before Madelyn got REALLY sick!

Reese, such a cutie!

William sharing a moment with Madelyn.

My favorite thing was that we all jumped right in and were helping feed, catch and chase all the girls. I have never met Dads that jump right into helping other peoples kids like Twin Dads. William, Richey and Chris were always watching out didn't matter whose kid or whose bag they were carrying!

Life with Septuplets...Adde, Clare, Reese, Riley, Kinley and Madelyn!

Then we found a mirror...Kinley, Madelyn and Adde

"Kinley you better give that back to Riley"

They were trying to sit on the ledge.

Twin Mamas!!!
We had SOOO much fun hanging out with the Owens and the Keys...We can't WAIT to do it again!!!


amy said...

Love love love this post AND love you!

Stephanie said...

How fun!! All the girls look they were having a blast too!

Britni Key said...

You are super sweet! People think I'm crazy when I talk about you and Amy and how alike we are and how easy we get along! It is crazy, but amazing. Love you girls too!

Anonymous said...

you look great liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love jess

Hannah said...

So fun!