Saturday, August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday x4!

August 1st, a bunch of our friends turned 3! The quads had a birthday and we were so excited to go!

At the Quads first birthday,I had just found out I was pregnant (before we even knew it was twins) and was SOOOOO sick during their party. It was very nice to not be sick this time.

Us with the boys when they were one!
This year! I can't believe how it has flown!

Savi wearing her tutu the girls gave her...
Seriously after being around Sav the girls will wear tutus now because they want too! I love it! Kinley wore one over at Suz's house the other day for like an hour and was mad to take it off.

The girls loved the big kid's car

They both fit...for a second until one of them got mad

Benny bear!
Ok, so this last picture needs a little explaining. We got the quads this car and decided to put it together before the party and take it all put together...or so we thought...that stupid car is crazy hard to put together. It made us late and pretty much caused a huge fight...I kept telling Chris to put it together and he thought it would take a sec....WRONG!! So he had to spend a while putting it together at the party!

We didn't take many pictures this year but we had a great time...the twins LOVE going to their house. Happy Birthday, Andrew Ethan, Ben and Savannah! We love you so much and love that you guys are getting to grow up with our girls!


Stephanie said...

They are going to be the best of friends!!
So glad you felt better this year! :)

amy said...

love all your blog updates sweet friend! you're on a roll! ;) I'm cracking up at the car-- isn't AMAZING how ridiculously hard these kids' toys are to put together?? They always cause a fight... ha! Happy Bday Steece Quads!

Anonymous said...

What a fun party with 4 birthday kiddos!! (Can't imagine!!) I bought my nephew a Cozy Coupe for his first birthday and swore I'd never put another one together! Luckily Hudson returned the favor and got the girls one for their birthday (and I found another already put together on Craigslist! Score!)

Suzanne said...

awwwwwwwwwww!!!! you sweet thang! we love you guys so much. i'm tellin' ya---the red coupe and cop car coupe are the kids' favorite cars! perfection. thank you so much for being such a blessing to me and my fam. love you like a sis.


PinkCupcake said...

How will quads share one car? Strange gift for 4 kids.