Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2 years old!

We have been waiting for the weather to clear up so we can take 2 year pictures. The weather has been perfect this week but we have just stayed busy! They also had their 2 year old check up canceled last week because of the weather.

So these pictures are from the girls actual birthday. We took them to ride the carousal!




Weighs around 20 pounds

12 month clothes (pants always get too short first)

size 4 shoes

size 3 diapers

asks for a “nack” (snack) 24/7

Has tubes in her ears.

all the sudden started liking juice…although she doesn’t get it too often.

scared of snowman…everything really. Says “it’s scary, mama”!

talks in full sentences….New favorite thing to say “I need a hug”

Still likes dora but does not want to watch it. LOVES Minnie Mouse.

counts at least to 3.

Remembers people names.

loves to jump

See so scared!


See I knew she would like it.

IMG_9139IMG_9150 IMG_9157IMG_9153


weighes 21 pounds

wears 12 month clothes

wears size 4 shoes

size 3 diapers

about 1.5 shorter than her sister

Has tubes in her ears

Is talking MUCH better, repeats a word over and over so you will understand it.

Loves Minnie and Elmo!

Is acting like such a little mama taking care of baby dolls.

such a mama’s girl

LOVES animals, especially dogs

knows no fear!

COMPLETE NEAT FREAK!!! and if it has a match or a pair they have to go together!!!

First picture I have really thought she looks like Kinley

IMG_9151 IMG_9164 She didn’t want to leave the horses!IMG_9142


Celeste Smith said...

Big girls! I remember the first time I took L to ride that carousel! I need to see these two cuties soon!

Anonymous said...

Love these girls! You forgot to mention that Madelyn is a neat-freak! I still can't believe she straightened the rug, put the toys back in place, etc! Such a good quality ;)

Janet said...

Great pictures! Adorable girls!

Janet said...

Great pictures! Adorable girls!