Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The great TX Ice storm of 2011

The week leading up to the girls party, we got some CRAZY weather! Well crazy for Texas. It canceled our schools for 4 days! That never happened when I was in school, let me just tell ya! We almost canceled the party because of it so I was more annoyed with it than anything. However it was fun to stay home with our Daddy for a few days in the middle of a week.

Most of the time it was just ice but the second time it snowed we decided we should at least take the girls out once. AND…we were so bored of being stuck inside we needed something to do!


The Girls had played in 42 inches of snow when we went skiing so this was a little boring!


My Aunt made the girls these hats (along with another one) for their birthday. Aren’t they too cute?


Kinley had enough of the cold. It was like 15 degrees!


Notice she is ALWAYS carrying “dorda” around!!!!


We love the snow but MAN it is so nice to be able to take the girls outside this week! We are loving this nice weather.

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