Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Skiing Part Two

I have to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to my good friend Brinti for letting us borrow their girl’s ski stuff for our trip! It was truly amazing and meant so much to me! I am getting ready to box it up Britni and send it back! We actually used them today, during this HUGE ice storm we are having!

Our second skiing day Chris decided to stay home with the girls so I could get some more practice in. Ha, that didn’t so much happen, I got a HORRIBLE cramp in my leg coming down the mountain (bunny slope) and didn’t get a whole lot of skiing in.

Daddy took them out in the snow!



Madelyn checking it out IMG_8255

They weren’t always too sure about it.

IMG_8258Issac decided he didn’t much like skiing and opted to stay with Chris and the girls.



It was SUPER cold so the girls didn’t stay out for long periods of time. IMG_8269

I got home while the girls were playing in the snow and helped bring them in. The girls were in great moods and were playing so well together. They were going down the stairs and Madelyn fell and landed on her head. I was so close and turned around and Madelyn was laying on her back. (Madelyn is a PRO at stairs too) I picked her up and Uncle Shane came and got Kinley. About the time I got up the stairs she started coughing and choking. I started to say “isn’t it bad when they…. and she did. She threw up EVERYWHERE!!! Knowing that wasn’t a good sign, I calmly cleaned everything up and called Auntie Suz! Sorry Suz, you are a nurse and I am sure everyone calls you about that kind of stuff. She agreed that we should take her in somewhere and have her looked at.

Madelyn on the way to the ER IMG_0100

The ER was next to a doctor’s office and they let us go there since it was during office hours. They were very nice and got us in very fast. They checked her out and decided she was fine. We were just supposed to keep her awake for a few hours and watch her.

Madelyn at the doctor’s office


So nice that this place was down the road


The next day the temp was –20 but with a wind chill of –40!!! That is WAY too cold for me and luckily most of our group agreed and stayed home. We had a great day hanging out with everyone, relaxing.

The girls with their BFF, River looking out at all the snow.


I finally got the girls dressed and took them out once it warmed up a bit…you know –5!



Kinley’s Evil look

(aunt nell spoiled them all week and let them have Capri suns!) IMG_8285

Kinley wanted to lay in the snow, Silly girl!


The next pictures speak for themselves…(madelyn) IMG_8293 IMG_8294

After this she was not a fan of the sled. I tried it with her but she still didn’t like.

Poppy giving it a shot


The girls exploring the front yard.


I LOVE this picture! Madelyn is quite the poppy girl!


I have to tell you about this snowman…this snowman has caused Kinley to be scared of ANY and EVERYTHING snowmen. I have a mug at home with a snowman on it and she will point to the cabinet and say “scary snowman” and talk about it FOREVER! Like today she is still doing this!IMG_8326

So we of course had to get her picture in front of it…this was the best we could do. That snow was WAY to high for them, over their heads!IMG_8313

ahh, a better picture! (Kinley on the left, Madelyn right)

IMG_8308 Then it was back inside in the heater and more staring out the window! (Kinley, Madelyn, River)


Kinley decided she liked Matt and Paige!

Matthew looked at this whole magazine with her. Kinley LOVES magazines.


Chris and Steven were the only ones CRAZY enough to go out in –20 degree weather to ski and snowboard, when there was a frostbite warning. They decided it would be funny to cover their fingers in black marker when they came home to scare us…uh, we weren’t scared just sad they thought that was funny!

IMG_4918 The next day,our last skiing day and it was much nicer weather (only –8 when we started) I actually started liking it a little more. I got off the ski lift with out falling…a huge thing for me! I made it all day only falling twice. Trust me that was an improvement.

My Skiing buddy for the afternoon, Christopher!


My Dad and I photo(15)

We left the next day and were sad to say goodbye to this place! IMG_8334 We had a WONDERFUL time with everyone and can’t wait to go back!


Celeste Smith said...

I think the saddest part about the black fingers is not only did they think it was funny but they thought it was funny enough to stop and buy a black marker just to pull it off!

Im going to need those couch pics of River and the girls!

Ah...Im sorry to hear that "snowman scared" is still going on. If you and Poppy continue to torture those sweet little girls I'm going to have to come get them. :)

Britni Key said...

I'm so glad the girls got to use the snow suits and hopefully it kept them warm! Sounds like it was FREEZING! Same for our trip! No hurry sending them back. We don't need them anytime soon. You can even keep until I see you if you want! Save shipping. Looks like you all had a great trip!