Thursday, February 10, 2011

It was a HOOT!!!

So the first birthday I planned when the girls were like 6 months old…this birthday I didn’t really start until about a month and a half ago. I had been thinking about it but no actual concert planning. I don’t know why I choose owls but I have been seeing a lot of really cute owl stuff lately so I am sure that helped. I started off by finding the perfect invitation. Bear with me I like party planning! If you are ever in the market for invites/birth announcements/thank you notes, look no further! Mellissa from MJ Corder Designs is your girl! I guess I had something in mind when I went out looking she made two wonderful invites and I got to choose. Completely happy with my decision I went back to her website one day soon after and she had made a new owl invite (separate from the ones she had made me) I fell in love with it. It was perfect, and after seeing it I knew this was it! She also made our Christmas cards!

the invite

lwood_binvite_FOR_PRINT I also need to say that Texas had a blizzard/ice storm the week of the party and we weren’t always sure we were going to be able to have it. In the end we decided that the weather was good enough and everyone’s kids were going crazy being stuck in the house a whole week…hey we are from TX, we aren’t used to this! Some of our friends weren’t able to come and we missed you all!!!! You know who you are!

This is picture overload. Chris knows I like a TON of pictures and he sure delivered at this party…it was so hard to pick!

Let’s start with the details…

greeting The food table

food2 I got all the printable decor at Dimple prints

cupcake collage



The Favor table…the sign says…Look whoooo’s grown so much. There are pictures from the girls first two years!

favor Centerpieces and the piñata


Ok, so when my Mom heard I was doing a owl theme we quickly decided that we needed a tree for the owls…I know it is a little much for a two year old party but hey, oh well! My Mom and Dad were pretty much the ones behind the making of the tree.

This was taken after the party. I love the way it turned out!


IMG_8901 tree

We had pictures for the kids to color…Kinley was testing it out before the party.


Playing with Playdoh!


play dohOne of my best friends and maker of ALL K and M bows made their very cute outfits. Amber I don’t know what I would do without you! I helped cut a few things but that was it regarding the outfits! Outfits

The party!

I wish I would have gotten pictures of people with the girls but they were having too much fun playing to stop for pictures! I mean it is their party…

Madelyn with her Great Uncle RayIMG_8908

The Activity tables…(all the little kids were bouncing!)


Face Painting…of course the girls got owls…lol!Face painting

The bounce house…Originally we had gotten a big bounce house but with snow on the ground we decided that a indoor bounce house would be perfect. Luckily our good friends the Steece quads just happen to have one and they let us borrow it! Thanks guys, we were SOOOO sad that you couldn’t come to the party though!

IMG_8907 IMG_8943 A few of the kids bouncing! I think the bounce house was a hit…everyone was so tired of being stuck inside their houses because of the ice.

bounce house1

Collin and Carter…One of the girls future boyfriends I am sure! He and Madelyn tend to be little partners in crime! IMG_8925

The girls ask about Emmy ALL the time! They just LOVE her!


Richey, Riley and Reese! Sweet girls! IMG_8985Sweet little Sammy! The girls call him bubba, another potential boyfriend! IMG_8989

Kinley laughing with Grandma and Aunt Andrea. IMG_9014

Sweet Emery! I just love this girl! IMG_9063

The Twin Mama’s! Where to start! I have a bond with them that is so special. Yes, we all pretty much met through our blogs but you would never know it. I have some of the best friends because of this blog and from having twins. They drove in bad weather conditions to come to my girls birthday party. They live at least 45 to 1 hour and a half away! You have NO idea what that meant to me! Melissa, Me, Shelley and Amy!IMG_8992

The real life picture!


Our family! We lost a bow for a little while!

IMG_9072My right hands during this party! My mom should be in this picture too. She is always right beside me when I plan a party willing to do whatever. Like build a tree! I couldn’t do it with out you mom! SO mad I didn’t get any pictures with the girls and my parents at the party! Elayna, my cousin (to the right of me) she is the baker and we have been practicing all the recipes for about three weeks. I can’t even tell you how much butter and sugar we used to put this party on! I love you girl and miss having you around all the time! Aunt Becca, she drove up from Houston in the ice to be at the girl’s party a day early. She is always there and helping with anything and everything! We love Aunt “bucket” as K calls her!IMG_9074

One of my besties! Ashley! Love her and can’t wait to love on that new little baby in a few months. IMG_9076

Piñata time!

Sweet Lizzie and Gracie getting ready to pull!IMG_8996

Issac and Gavin IMG_9006

Yes that is ALL candy! Silly boy! IMG_9007

Singing Happy Birthday! Look how tired they are!!! Kinley at one point looked like she was going to cry when people were singing. She is scared of everything. IMG_8963


Opening gifts!

The girls were spoiled and got so many things! They got two VERY sweet scrapbooks from their older cousins that will be such a special thing to them when they are older! Both of the scrapbooks brought tears to my eyes, knowing they have such sweet cousins that love them BOTH so much! Madelyn and Kinley love you all too!

Madelyn got more into the unwrapping. Kinley just wanted to play with the first thing she opened.

IMG_9019 IMG_9030 IMG_9046

Grandma,(chris’s mom) got the girls tricycles this birthday! They really like them and had lots of fun getting pushed around by everyone. Not to much longer and they will reach the pedals and playing in the driveway! Aren’t they so Cute!?IMG_9061 IMG_9062

WOW, if you are still here I applaud you! I had NO idea it would be this long when I started. I was blown away with all the people that came out in the conditions that we had that day. Makes me happy to know how many people LOVE my girls, and us. We love you all and are so thankful to each and everyone of you! Happy Birthday girls!


Janet said...

Love all the pictures! So cute!! Can you believe they are two? Love the outfits too! I so wish you were closer to me, I could use some serious help with my girls 2nd birthday party.

Celeste Smith said...

What fun! Sorry we could not make it. Love those girls and can't believe they are two!

Stephanie said...

You are AMAZING!! I want you to plan my next party! lol
(and to think you planned all that in a month and a half!)
So glad alot of people were still able to come!
Everything looked ADORABLE!!!

Holly said...

This has got to be the cutest birthday I've ever seen. Way to go!!!

Shelley said...

Awwww! I love all of the pictures! The "real life picture" of us cracks me up! I'm so glad we were there to celebrate with you guys! What an awesome party! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog after my twins were born and have been following ever sense. I LOVE the girls party it is soooo cute. I enjoyed looking at their party last year too. You are very creative!

Hannah said...

Um...WOW. that's all i have to say about that! Sheesh. Awesome party, so sad we didn't get to come!

amy said...

It was an amazing party!! SERIOUSLY. We had so much fun- the girls are still asking, "Jump in Madden and Kinny's bounce house?" :) Love the Twin Moms shot.... even in the close up, you can see Reese's arms grabbing at me. HA! So FUN! Love yall!

Britni Key said...

hOWL cute! Yes cheesy, but you got me in the owl mood. Love all the party decor and yummy looking treats! Glad to see K & M had a great party. They are such dolls!

Hilary said...

OMG that is soooooo cute!!!! I can't believe that they are 2?!!!! Crazy how time flies :)

Anonymous said...

Cutest party decorations EVER and sweetest party girls EVER! Hate that we couldn't make it but so glad we got to spend some time with y'all this weekend! Can't WAIT to do it again VERY soon!